Dragon Ball Super Manga is at its peak with Goku showing up against Moro. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 covers up the continuation of Goku vs Moro. With Vegeta being the most awaited person at planet earth, fans are looking forward to Moro’s real powers in this chapter.

Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super is titled, “Merus’ Miscalculation”. Like the title suggests, Merus made a huge mistake by underestimating Goku, that being said, he will surely have a hard time against Goku in this chapter. However, it is a matter of time until Moro pulls off another one of his magical tricks.

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We don’t know what Merus is hiding up his sleeves. Readers are eager for Vegeta’s arrival in Dragon Ball Super manga. Besides this, the spoilers are out for chapter 60.

The air date for this chapter is out as well. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 will release on 20 May 2020. With no delays in the airing schedule. You can read DBS manga online on Viz.

As we said, the battle continues in Chapter 60- Goku vs Moro. Besides this, The chapter is titled, “Merus’ Miscalculation”. It seems both of them are finally serious now. Both Goku and Moro will try to show their superpowers. According to our own thought- It’s more like a clash of egos between these two. They both are so powerful that the Z-fighters are getting blown away with their ki only.

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We see Moro using his full power to defeat Goku without absorbing his powers, whereas Goku is using his best to not let him. Also, everyone is impressed with how Goku has improved his techniques. Moreover, Moro is having a really hard time against the Ultra Instinct Goku in this chapter.

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We might see Moro turning the tables in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 Predictions

As per our speculations, Goku might be defeated soon. Yes, you read that right. Ending a fight in a few chapters is not Dragon Ball style. Moreover, Vegeta didn’t appear yet. So, one thing is for sure – it is going to be Goku & Vegeta vs Moro in the end. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 will focus on Goku vs Moro, completely. Fans can expect Vegeta’s return in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61.

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