Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 and the chapters following it will mark the beginning of the ” New Granola Arc”. The previous chapter shows the aftermath of the fight between Ultra Instinct Goku and Moro. It was a surprisingly good fight with Goku receiving a sudden power surge that allowed him to beat Moro. The previous chapter was quite wholesome and joyful. But the ending hinted at the beginning of a new arc. Make sure to read the entire article to know more about Dragon Ball Super 68.

The Dragon Ball Franchise is famous for producing most of the strongest Characters in the history of anime. The recent hint in the last chapter confirms the fact that we are yet to see the best action scenes that DBS has to offer. Although DBS Chapter 68 may not have the final fight, the following DBS Chapters are sure to provide enormous fan service.

In today’s blog, we have included various updates regarding Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, DBS 68 spoilers, and where to read DBS Chapter 68 at the earliest? Most of all you can also refresh your memory with our small recap from the previous DBS Chapter. We have also provided a few predictions and possibilities down below. Happy Reading Minna!!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Updates

The hype is real guys. Fans can’t comprehend this feeling like it’s been a long since we actually saw an amazing tweet with such power. The official tweet didn’t reveal too much and has kept everyone on the lookout for predictions and speculations. But one thing is for sure, DBS Manga sure does know how to get its viewers to buy more manga.

Is there a Hiatus on DBS Chapter 68 Release Date?

The gods are on our side. As of now, there is no delay whatsoever on the release date of DBS Chapter 68. With that being said, we can expect the latest DBS Chapter to release as per its monthly schedule. To know more about DBS 68, stay tuned to Spoilerguy.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Date

Dragon Ball super chapter 68 - DBS Chapter 68

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Date is confirmed as 20 January 2021. Fans expect a lot from this chapter because of the super exciting cliffhanger that the previous chapter ended on. Read the entire to know more about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Spoilers and Predictions. While you wait for the next chapter make sure to read more about Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date Confirmed? Latest Updates Revealed.

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Recap of DBS Chapter 67 – Summary

The Chapter begins with the aftermath of the intense battle between Goku and Moro. After a good amount of cheers, Vegeta goes on to question Goku about his sudden increase in power. But the catch here is that Goku himself is completely shocked by it and is left clueless.

They are later shown to be celebrating at Mr. Satan’s place. After all, Goku literally saved Earth. They later revive everyone who perished as well as the people of Zun. After a few scenes, Goku and Vegeta go on to visit the Galactic Planet and are shown wearing uniforms with a symbol similar to that of the Galactic Soldiers.

The ending of the chapter was super interesting. Granola invades the maker’s ship and steals 73 who turns out isn’t dead. The reason for this mission is simple- 73 holds serious information as well as powers of a few of the strongest beings. The chapter ends with this.

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Predictions and Possibilities for the future chapters

The ending of Chapter 67 marked the beginning of a new arc aka Dragon Ball Super – New Granola Arc. This opens up infinite possibilities and fighting opportunities for Goku and Vegeta. Not to forget, now that Granola has 73, he can attain information that would provide him with the upper hand this time. Also, Goku hasn’t fully shown his potential yet. Fans think there is something more to Goku when he gets serious.

Dragon Ball Chapter 68 Spoilers

A new streak of spoilers and Raw scans/leaks have been released. DBS Chapter 68 has confirmed its title to be ” Granola The Survivor “. Make sure to stay updated with Spoilerguy for more such spoilers, leaks, and latest anime/manga updates.

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Manga?

dbs 68 - Dragon ball Super 68

Dragon Ball Manga is a product of V-Jump Magazine. It is a monthly based manga and releases a new chapter approximately every month. Dragon Ball Super Ch 68 and the other latest chapter are available online to read at Viz. You can read DBS and other manga series right here for free. There might be a few delays in the release of these manga chapters, so stay updated with us to keep track of all the release dates of the latest manga and anime.

Hope you guys found this article on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Date, Goku vs Granola To Happen Soon! informative. We will make sure to update this article if there are any changes. Also, We would love for you to check out our articles on My Hero Academia Season 5, Dororo Season 2, and Fire Force Season 3.