The manga of The Elusive Samurai has a lot of actions and the young samurai has grabbed everyone’s attention in a very short time. With each chapter, Tokiyuki Hojo learns a new lesson whether it be archery or another steal.

However, a thief, Kazama Genba added to their group of retainers and in return, Hojo will give him a province in return. How far is Tokiyuki to take down Takauji Ashikaga? We will find out in The Elusive Samurai Chapter 17.

The Elusive Samurai Chapter 17

The Elusive Samurai Chapter 17 will prove to provide Tokiyuki Hojo with a plan. Though Suwa is trying his best to make Hojo learn everything in a short span of time. He is still far from understanding the motives of the real Takauji Ashikaga. With his growing influence, it’s really hard for everyone to oppose him.

The Elusive Samurai Chapter 17 Release Date

There have been no delays reported. Therefore, The Elusive Samura manga Chapter 17 will release on 23rd May 2021. In case there is a change, the chapter will be updated with due information.

Where to read The Elusive Samurai Chapter 17?

Chapter 17 of The Elusive Samurai is officially available in Viz Media, and MangaPlus. The websites require membership to read the chapters from the beginning. However, you can read the latest three chapters for free.

About The Elusive Samurai

The Elusive Samurai is all about a young samurai and an heir to the Hojo Clan. Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi is the Japanese name of the manga. The one thing Tokiyuki Hojo is best at is to run away. The plot of the manga is set in feudal Japan during the periods of Kamakura and Muromachi. However, after the meeting with Suwa Yorishige his life has changed.

Instead of running away from his fate, he is forced to face life and death challenges every day. The reason behind it is to avenge the fall of his clan due to the betrayal of Takauji Ashikaga who was one of the trusted and respected warriors of that time. More than that he was the most beloved person in the eyes of the young heir, Tokiyuki Hojo.

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