Attack on Titan is surely going to be one of the best shonen series in anime history. Well, all thanks to Eren Yeager and the Ackermans. Eren Yeager played a key role in the success of Eldians over Titans in their initial days. It was not much later that he gained the powers of Founding and War-Hammer Titan. Truth be told, Eren Played the role of both Protagonist and Antagonist in the AOT series. Also, I am damn impressed by the character developments of all the scouts in this series, except Levi, as he remained the same (If you know, you know!). Not to forget, some famous Eren Yeager quotes were something that boosted the morale of every one of us at different times.

Here are some of the Eren quotes that you might like to read once more.

Eren Yeager quotes

As we all were inspired by the words of Eren, how about having a look at some of his best verses that turned out to be a blessing in disguise? Without waiting any further, let’s begin our exploration !!

“If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can win”

Eren Yeager

This is certainly true. All Eren wanted to show here was his true fighting spirit against the Titans who took his family away from him. Nothing can be more troublesome than watching your peers die in front of your eyes, and Eren is someone who has gone through it a lot.

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“I’ll slaughter you all… and take back what you stole… All of it!”

Famous Quotes by Eren Yeager

Depressed by the demise of his loved ones, Eren soon realizes that there’s only one way by which he can avenge his family. After watching his mother getting eaten by a Titan, Eren couldn’t control his tears. This incident unquestionably made him join the forces to take care of the Titan Army.

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“I knew you were more of a hero than anyone else”

Well, this is one of my favorite words that were said by none other than Eren. How tough it gets to watch your best friend die who was fighting by your side? Indeed, it hurts a lot. These words came up when Armin’s body burns to ashes after coming in contact with the colossal Titan.

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“I want to see and understand the world outside. I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there!”

Imagine living within walls with the fear of getting attacked by human-eating giant titans. That’s some crazy stuff to even think about. Unfortunately, Indians were forced to live under the walls to save their families from the verge of extinction. By the way, these words were said by Eren when he realized that there’s more to the world apart from these closed barriers.

“You have the Freedom to defend the world’s freedom and I have the freedom to continue moving forward”

Eren Yeager quotes

Damn!! This is such a cool verse from Eren Yeager. Also, he said this after deciding to destroy all the other places so that they won’t attack the Paradis island anymore. Well, I still can’t believe that this guy will go berserk, and the survey corps would’ve to partner with Marley forces to stop him. I hope you all are ready for a dramatic ending to this series by the end of this year.

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“You’re not soldiers. You’re not warriors. You’re just Murderers”

Famous Quotes by Eren Yeager

Well, this quote comes into action when Eren finds out that Bertholdt and Reiner reveal the truth about their Titan form. After kidnapping Ymir, the founding Titan, and Eren, both were taken to a forest by Reiner and Bertholdt. When Eren hears them calling themselves warriors, he yells these lines out of agitation.

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