Fairy Tail is all set to launch it’s New RPG in 2020.  Anime Lovers around the world already know about the popularity of fairy tale. Moreover, the fan base isn’t restricted to the anime only. Back in 2017, Fairy Tail Sold around 60 Million Copies of the manga. It has around 63 volumes. Not only anime and manga but Fairy tail games are also a big part of the franchise.

History of Fairy Tail Games

Fairy Tail: Portable Guild was the first-ever Fairy Tail Game that came out in 2010. This game had a very limited audience as it was developed for Play Station: Portable. After that 2 more parts of the game came out in the following years. During 2001 –  Fairy Tail: Portable Guild 2 came out and in 2002 Fairy Tail : Zeref Awakens was released. Along with that Fairy Tail Fight| Wizard Battles came out in 2012 for Nintendo DS.

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Fairy Tail Role-Play Game -2020

KOEI Tecmo Games is all set to launch the New Fairy Tail game in 2020 in Japan, Europe and America.

Here is a trailer by – KOEI Tecmo Games.

After seeing the trailer one thing I’m sure of is that – the game is going to be awesome. After all, it’s the first Role Play game of Fairy tail.

Finally, a fairy tail game where fans can play as Natsu, Lucy and many other characters. The game starts in the land of Fiore. The game will follow the adventure of Anime. Also, the game is created under the supervision of Hiro Mashima. This will ensure that the game will feel like anime Itself.

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Furthermore, the game will be available PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. All the fairy tale fans are looking forward to this amazing game.

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