Read more to Find out About Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5. Food Wars just started airing it’s 5th Season after it was Put of Hiatus after the first 2 episodes. Fans are loving the new Episodes which is airing right now. We are currently on Episode 4.

Food Wars is a popular anime mainly focused on cooking. When it first aired, fans immediately fell in love with the show, with its mouthwatering foods, and good comedy. It was highly entertaining. The Show is currently in the 5th Season Right now. So let’s not wait any longer, here are all the details about Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5.

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Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 Release Date

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5
Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5

The 4th Episode just finished airing yesterday, The 5th Episode is scheduled to release on 31st July 2020. It will mainly focus on Erina’s Trail for BLUE.

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Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 Where to Watch?

You can watch all the Seasons including the 5th one on Crunchyroll. All the latest episodes will be updated as they are released. The First Three Seasons of the show is available to watch on Netflix.

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 Story till now.

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 4 showed us the beginning of BLUE, Yukihira, and gang face the first Challenge. We see Yukihira’s Trial. In his Trail, an Old Former Noir Chef is the judge. You have to Satisfy him with his last meal. The participants are baffled and confused about what they need to do as the topic is too broad. The other Noir’s participating can easily pass the round as they know what exactly does a Noir chef wants to eat.

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Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5
Saiba Asahi

Yukihira is frustrated with the Old man, as he doesn’t want this meal to be his last meal. He prepares a hearty dish filled with Umami. The old man revitalizes after eating the food, thinking about how his life ended when he got old as his only Job in the world was to cook.

Tasting Yukihira’s food, the drive once again reawakened within him, and he then passed Yukihira. Then Yukihira also got to know that Takumi and Megumin both passed too. Then we get to see Nakiri, as she faces all the participants who failed the first round to qualify.

The story is slowly developing whit more twists and turns to come. We also get a glimpse of the Former Number 1 Seat of the Council. This confuses Yukihira.

From what I can tell you this season is going to be one of the best seasons out there. Well, this is it for Food Wars 5th Plate Episode 5. Be sure to Read up on Top 10 Horror Anime and stay tuned for future updates.