Hey Guys, Welcome to Another blog by Spoilerguy.com, As you must be knowing Currently, Gleipnir episode 12 is the most awaited thing among Gleipnir fans, out there. The anime airs the first episode on April 5, 2020, following its schedule. Moreover, fans really liked the Opening theme song of this anime. The anime is filled with many unexpected twists and turns. Action and Ecchi is filled in every episode.

The anime has so many mysteries around it like What happens if you collect 100 coins? What’s the relation between Clair’s Sister and Shuichi? I hope, we find the answers to these questions in the upcoming Gleipnir Episode 12.

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Gleipnir Episode 12

Kurea Gleipnir
Clair from Gleipnir

The upcoming episode – Gleipnir episode 12 will follow the journey of our lead duo. Moreover, the title of the episode is still unknown. Besides, The anime will continue the adventure of Shuuichi and Clair along with the new team. Moreover, their quest for the collection of 100 coins continues. The upcoming episode will be an action pack episode.

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Gleipnir Episode 12 Release Date

Gleipnir Episode 12 will be released on Sunday, 21st June at  11:30 PM JST. A new episode of Gleipnir is expected every Sunday. As we all know Gleipnir Episode 11 was out on 14th June. So, we can expect the Gleipnir Episode 12 Release Date to be 21st June.

Is there going to be a delay in Gleipnir Episode 12?

No, there will be no delays in the upcoming Gleipnir Episode 12. But, there are some chances of a huge delay in the upcoming episodes because of COVID-19. Recently, a bunch of anime got delayed due to this. Besides, You can read more about anime getting delayed due to COVID-19 here.

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Where to Watch Gleipnir Episode 12?

Gleipnir Episode 10
Gleipnir Episode 9


You can watch the 12th episode of Gleipnir and all other episodes on FunimationNow, AnimeLab, and Wakanim. Besides this, We highly condemn the use of streaming anime on an unofficial website. You can read more about Anime streaming Websites here.

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The anime is an adaptation of a popular Japanese manga with the same name. Gleipnir manga is currently ongoing, and as of now, the manga has aired a total of 7 volumes. Instead of waiting for the new episode, you can go keep up with the upcoming chapter of the manga.

Plot of Gleipnir

The story of Gleipnir revolves around a high school student –  Shuichi Kagaya. Kagaya seems to be an excellent student who is busy with his own thoughts but in reality, he has a dark secret to hide. He has an abnormal ability to transform into a monster. Moreover, this monster appearance resembles a cartoonish giant Mascot.

The story takes an interesting turn when a sadist girl – Kurea finds out about the secret. Moreover, she decides to blackmail him and use him to find out more about the monsters in search of her sister.


About Anime


The new Anime Adaptation was officially announced in March 2019. Moreover, Kazuhiro Yoneda directs the series, with Pine Jam producing the animation, Shinichi Inotsume handling series composition, Takahiro Kishida designing the characters. Ryōhei Sataka is composing the series’ music.

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