The Previous Chapter of Golden Kamuy was named “The Woman He Saw at the Hospital in Otaru”. It was thrilling through the entire chapter and kept everyone at the edge of the seat. The battle with the Russians gets intense with a lot of planning and mishaps along the way. Golden Kamuy Chapter 265 will be as spectacular as ever with the ongoing story reaching its climax soon.

Sofia previously goes through a lot when she tries to go against Tsukishima. In the process, she gets wounded badly due to getting hit by a pole straight to the head. This causes a concussion and she collapses during her run. Sofia is also found to be in the hospital and is not killed even then. They plan to use her as a prisoner and interrogate her. With this being the main jist of the previous chapter, fans now wonder what the next chapter has to offer.

In this blog, we discuss all the details you need to know about Golden Kamuy Chapter 265 Release Date, Golden Kamuy 265 Spoilers! Due to a few misconceptions and delays, there might be a few changes made to the release date. Make sure to stay updated with us to know more about any changes made to the next chapter’s release date.

Golden Kamuy Chapter 265 Updates

There seems to be a week delay in the release of the latest chapter of Golden Kamuy. This means that there is a change in the scheduling and there is going to be a new schedule for the release dates. Read the article till the end to know more about the updates pertaining to Golden Kamuy 265.

Golden Kamuy Chapter 265 Release Date

Golden Kamuy Chapter 265

Golden Kamuy Chapter 265 Release Date is confirmed to be 21st January 2021. There is a delay in this week’s young jump release which is why the publishing of all the latest chapters has been moved up by one week. Also, Golden Kamuy has been increasing its fan base with its captivating plot and super cool characters. If you like Golden Kamuy and its fantastic storyline, you may like the following – Best Underrated Manga You Should Read Before Dying

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Golden Kamuy 206 – Spoilers and Predictions!

Golden Kamuy 265 spoilers, Leaks, and Raw scans are still not yet released. We expect these to release 2-3 days before the original chapter of Golden Kamuy releases. Few of these raw scans will contain only the main parts and pages of the latest chapter.

We genuinely appreciate weebs who read spoilers and do not spoil it for others. Because breaking the rules and reading spoilers beforehand is scum, but reading those spoilers and spoiling the story for your web friend is worse than scum ( Pun Intended ).

What is Golden Kamuy Manga?

Golden Kamuy comes under the historical and adventure genre. It started back in 2014 and was published by Shueisha. The manga series has successfully published a total of 24 volumes and is running up till now. To add to its collection, the manga series was also selected for an anime adaptation. The anime series has adapted many episodes and is currently on track to complete its 3rd season. This series may also adapt another season in the years to come. As a result, Golden Kamuy Season 4 anime will the mist expected by fans after reading the manga series.

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