Howdy guys, in this post we are going to talk about Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 5. So, this post contains the details of the release date and time of episode 5 of Haikyuu Season 4. Furthermore, this post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you skip to the release date section. Otherwise, you can go ahead, so let’s get going-

In the recent episode of Haikyuu, it was revealed that Hinata is now precise in watching and gasping others’ abilities. Hinata is now way more matured his gameplay what it used to be. So episode 4 started with Tsuki requesting Hinata to help him in his blocking practice. Tsuki joins the after practice session practice which seems to quite result fully. Even Hinata worked on his reflexes in this practice session. On the other hand, Kageyama is practicing with top Japanese players under the youth category. Korai also made a spike in episode 4. And it seems like he jumps way higher than Hinata. Episode 4 ends with Yudai making his perfect spike after listening to Hinata’s calm advice. Now, let’s get going for Haikyuu season 4 episode 5-

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Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 5

Release Date

Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 5 is going to release on 8 February 2020 at 1:25 JST. Besides this, the title of episode 4 is- “Hunger”.

Where to watch Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 4?

Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 5 is going to release on 8 February 2020 at 1:25 JST. So, you can officially watch the fifth episode of Haikyuu season 4 on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Besides this, there are various platforms where you can watch the 5th episode of Haikyuu season 4. But we recommend you to watch on official platforms.