As we know about Hayao Miyazaki is one of the finest animator in the whole industry. Hayao Miyazaki is an Animator, filmmaker, screenwriter, and an author. Despite having such great qualities- he’s known as a co-founder of Ghibli Studio.

Recently, news hit an audience with an amazing update about the upcoming movie of Ghibli studio- “How do you live?”. So, according to update-

The Tweet Says- Hayao Miyazaki’s Next Ghibli film, “How do you live?” is still under work despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. As per the producer, 36 minutes of the film is completed so far, and they are hoping to finish it by 2023! The movie is a hand-drawn action-adventure fantasy.

So, as per this update, In 2023- Ghibli Studio may hit fans with an amazing movie which is known as- “How do you live?”.

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