Howdy Guys, In this post we are going to be talking about this brand Chinese drama known as- Healer of the children (2020) Episode 3. So in this post, we’ve included details of the official release date of Healer of children Ep 3.

Healer Of Children Episode 3

Release Date

As per the information, this Chinese Drama is going to be 48 episode series. So, as per the update, Healer Of Children episode 3 is going to release on 1 December 2020. Besides this, the episodes will release on each day of the week.

Where To Watch Healer Of Children Episode 3?

You can watch Healer Of Children Episode 3 on BTV and Mango TV.

Healer of Children (2020) Episode 3 Release Date Revealed

What Healer Of Children is about?

This story is about a girl name- Jiao Jia Ren who was saved by a pediatrician (specialized in treating children as a doctor) Gu Li Feng as a child and decided to follow his footsteps as a young adult. Gu Li Feng is pretty aware of Jiao’s talent and potential. As Gu Li Feng is now the director of the top children’s hospital in the city, bends the rules to take her in as a registrar. But Surrounded by a group of elite specialists at the hospital, Jiao Jia Ren is no longer the extraordinary part of the team and now works extra hard to make up for the gap in skill level.

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