Geez! the previous episode was indeed an emotional rollercoaster. It started off pretty normal with an outing where Mishima and Sayu interacted. But things were off from the very beginning and it became even worse when Sayu went away with Yoshida. Mishima starts to cry over how much she loves him and is still not looked at the way he looks at Sayu. The episode further progresses into the summer festival where Sayu opens up and decides that she must go back home as well since that’s what Yoshida wants. Now fans are eager to know about Higehiro episode 9, and we will update you on it.

Higehiro Episode 9 -“The Past”

Sayu’s past has been quite a mystery and her character and attitude are somewhat of a mystery as well. It is still not confirmed that everything she has said up and till now is true. Besides, now we will finally uncover her past in Higehiro ep 9. Now that her brother has come to take her home we will see if Yoshida actually meant what he said at the fireworks festival.

Higehiro Episode 9 Release Date Confirmed!

higehiro episode 9

Fortunately, we won’t be seeing any delay in the release date of Jigehiro Ep 9 this week. With that being said, the official release date of Higehiro Episode 9 is confirmed to be 31st May 2021. The 5th month of 2021 will finally end with a super interesting episode. Manga readers know exactly what’s coming, but watching it get animated will definitely hit differently. If you liked Higehiro, you will definitely like these anime similar to Higehiro.

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Preview of EP 9 –

Where To Watch Higehiro Episode 9 Online?

Crunchyroll is the only big player that is streaming Higehiro for viewers outside Japan. You can catch all the latest episodes including Higehiro Episode 9 on the same. Unfortunately, Hulu, Netflix, and Funimation are yet to stream this on their platforms. We will make sure to update you if and when this happens, until then, stay tuned to Spoilerguy.