In the Anime world, there are different kinds of anime. One of them is Sports Anime, which motivates the younger generation to play. Haikyuu!! is an Anime about Volleyball and a story about a young boy named Hinata Shoyo. In the game of Volleyball, the most important thing is a good height. Hinata is someone who is short, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing something he loves. Today, we will talk about “Top Hinata Shoyo Quotes That Are Badass And Motivational!” So let’s get started!

About Hinata Shoyo

He has a cheerful and very energetic personality, but he can makes friends with people who don’t seem friendly to others. Like Kenma from Nekoma high and Aone from Date Tech. Hinata Shoyo has an attack where he jumps on the same level as a professional volleyball player! This leaves everyone in awe of him. The Tale starts when a young Hinata passes by a store where he stops hearing the name “Little Giant” on a TV.

He couldn’t take his eyes off this player who resembled him and his height. That’s when Hinata makes an oath to play for Karasuno Junior High. Shoyo is someone who is always motivated to beat others and his rival Kageyama Tobio, throughout the series you will hear plenty of motivational quotes. We have piled up the Best Hinata Shoyo Quotes for you, so enjoy.

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“If you’re the King that rules the Court, I’ll have to defeat you, then I’ll be the last one standing!”

These two lead characters in Hiakyuu, always have a brawl going on between them. But the fact is both can’t live or play without each other. When Kageyama Tobio was called “King of the Court” which he hates to be called actually, during a face-off Hinata Shoyo challenges Kageyama and says that he will defeat him and be the last one standing.

“I, Hinata Shoyo, will beat you and go to nationals! that’s a promise”

hinata shoyo quotes

When Kageyama and Hinata were caught peeking inside the Shiratoriza Training facilities by Ushijima they were left startled. Ushijima shows his egoistic side to these high school kids, and says to Kageyama “We don’t need a Setter who cant set up a ball for his Ace”.

As the conversation goes on, a volleyball from the training room flies out at a great height and pace. Ushijima jumps to catch it, but before he does. Swoooooosh!!! goes Hinata Shoyo, takes his godly leap, and towers over the best Ace in Japan!. This leaves Ushijima shocked and that’s when Hinata challenges to beat him with a dead look in his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of toss it is, it’s one that I really wanna receive. I’ll jump anywhere, just keep tossing the ball my way!!”

During a period, where the quick attacks of Kageyama and Hinata weren’t connecting it was a bad sign for Karasuno. Something had gone off between the two and Kageyama wasn’t able to trust Hinata with his tosses.

Hinata finds out about this and watches Kageyama ignore him and his runs during matches and practices. He feels hurt and angry and finds out that Kageyama doesn’t believe in himself and not Hinata. This is when Hinata says to Kageyma that “It doesn’t matter what kind of toss it is, it’s one that I really wanna receive. I’ll jump anywhere, just keep tossing the ball my way!!”

“A Senpai of the king.. that would make him the great king!”

Top Hinata Shoyo quotes

Hinata used to believe that Kageyama was a guy who has a powerful aura. When Hinata met Oikawa from Seijoh, who is a senior of Kageyama, he was left dumbfounded by his aura and his game.

Oikawa secretly admires Hinata’s leap and skills of volleyball and calls him chibi-san while being teasy towards him. When Tobio calls Oikawa senpai, that’s when Hinata thinks that “A Senpai of the king, that would make him the great king”

“I’m well aware that the bathroom is where you run into dangerous people.”

During the Spring Tournament for Nationals, Hinata goes to the bathroom for a pee break. When he comes out he faces Oikawa from Seijoh, he gets scared and nervous because of Oikawa’s personality. While he runs away from Seijoh’s players he bangs into Ushijima from Shiratorizawa! He gets scared and thinks the day can’t get worse than this.

When he gets stuck in between during a conflict of Oikawa and Ushijima, he tries to get out swiftly and there’s Aone from Date Tech standing behind him!! Hinata screams!! Aone gives a look of a killer to everyone, but respectfully bows down and says hello to Hinata.

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