“How to watch Bleach without Fillers?” is a common question asked by newbies and current Bleach watchers. In this blog, we discuss Bleach Watch order in detail. The Bleach watch order isn’t very complicated if noticed properly. But if you intend on attaining the complete essence of Bleach then we suggest you watch the Bleach Filler episodes as well.

How to watch Bleach without fillers? Bleach watch order

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Bleach Watch Order

The Bleach Watch Order given below is according to the changing storyline of the entire Bleach series.

1) Season 1: The Substitute

2) Bleach OVA: Memories in the Rain

3) Season 2: The Entry

3) Season 3: Soul Society: The Rescue

4) Season 4: The Bount

5) Season 5: The Assault

6) Season 6: The Arrancar

7) Bleach Movie 1: Memories of Nobody

8) Bleach Movie 2: The Diamond Dust Rebellion

9) Season 7: The Arrancar Part 2: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry

10) Season 8: The Arrancar Part 3: The Fierce Fight 

11) Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black

12) Season 9: The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai

13) Season 10: The Arrancar Part 4: Arrancar vs. Soul Reaper 

14) Season 11: The Past

15) Season 12: The Arrancar Part 5: Battle in Karakura

16) Bleach Movie 4: The Hell Verse

17) Season 13: Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale

18) Season 14: The Arrancar Part 6: Fall of the Arrancar

19) Season 15: Gotei 13 Invading Army

20) Season 16: The Lost Agent

How to watch Bleach without fillers? Bleach watch order

All the 16 seasons amounts to a whopping 366 episodes. The number may not be as high as Naruto, Dragon Ball, or One Piece, but it does show similar characteristics. The only problem with Bleach is fillers. We have come up with a Bleach Watch Order and a list that lets you know which episodes to skip.

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How to Watch Bleach without Fillers?

As you may know, Bleach has a total of 366 episodes with each episode having a length of 24 minutes. If we apply basic math you get 8784 minutes of watch time or 146.4 hours of watching Bleach. It does sound like a lot, but once you get into the plot it becomes a routine. According to the Bleach watch order, there is quite a bit of hassle in figuring out a way to watch Bleach without fillers.

One way of reducing the watch time is to watch Bleach without fillers. Bleach filler episodes usually have less relevance to the ongoing plot and have unsatisfying fight scenes. For quite sometime Bleach filler episodes have been omitted due to its unpopularity. Given below is a list of episodes according to the Bleach watch order that you can skip if you don’t want any deviation from the storyline.

Bleach Watch Order – Bleach Filler Episodes

The Bleach Filler Episodes are as follows: 33, 50, 64-108, 128-137, 147-149, 168-189, 204-205, 213-214, 227-265, 287, 298-299, 303-305, 311-341, and 355.

how to watch bleach without fillers? Bleach watch order

Bleach Canon-Filler Episodes

This anime is also famous for the Bleach Canon-Filler episodes. There is a slight mix of both types of episodes, so we can’t categorize them as either one. Most anime fanatics prefer to watch canon-filler episodes.

Here’s a list of Bleach Canon-Filler Episodes: 27, 32, 46, 109, 111, 116, 119, 141, 143, 146, 156, 160-161, 190, 193, 206-207, 209, 222-223, 267-268, 274, 276, 285, 288, 290-291, 295, 310, 342-343, 345, and 351.

After removing all the Bleach filler episodes the watch time decreases dreadfully. It contributes more than 1/3rd of the entire series. You still must be wondering why make so many filler episodes in the first place?

Just like Naruto, Bleach has a lot of depth in its plot and elaborates on every detail in the long puzzle. The Bleach filler episodes are not a necessity but a want for a few fans who enjoy the animes in-depth and appreciate the extra uniqueness the anime provides. The same goes for all the Bleach Canon-filler episodes as they play a relatively important part in the anime’s structural storyline.

Bleach filler episodes

Bleach Canon Episodes

If the above Bleach Filler episodes gave you a headache then here are all the Bleach canon episodes. To put it short, these Bleach canon episodes are all you need to watch to get a proper sense of the entire anime.

Bleach Canon episodes are as follows: 1-32, 34-49, 51-63, 110-127, 138-167, 190-203, 206-212, 215-226, 267-286, 288-297, 300-302, 306-310, 342-354, and 356-366.

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Bleach Watch Order Manga Continuation

To complete the Bleach watch order, after completing the entire Bleach Anime series viewers can continue to read the manga for a better experience. You can pick up the manga from where the Anime left off. Where would that be you may ask, well we got you covered.

Pick up from Chapter 480 to continue after the event of the ending in the anime series. The Manga ends with chapter 686, the beautiful Bleach series finally comes to an end.

Bleach Anime Returns

There is going to be an addition to the Bleach watch order. Recently the jump magazine(japan) had an article stating the renewal of The Bleach Anime series. This was a huge reveal for the fans as the series got a renewal after 8 long years. The manga had a continuation to the anime’s endpoint, but fans weren’t content with just the manga.

Now the Bleach Anime Series will feature The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc which featured in the manga between chapter 424 to Chapter 686. This has left fans speechless and anxious as their favorite characters are finally back on track.

The Magazine hinted that the Bleach Anime series would Release in 2021. But no exact release date has been mentioned by official sources.

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Where Can I watch The Bleach Anime Series?

You can watch the entire Bleach Anime Series on Crunchyroll. There are other sites in which you can stream Bleach online for free but we do not recommend those methods. Streaming through official websites help the network and production to continue making our favorite anime shows.

About Anime

The Anime has a classic plot where the main character undergoes a traumatic past and uses his special abilities to make sure no one undergoes what he did. The entire story is just intriguing to watch. The way the plot unfolds with a splash of comedy as well as good action sequences really gets you addicted.

The characters really complement the storyline well. It is simply a brilliant piece of art, no wonder it has gotten approval for renewal after 8 long years. If you haven’t watched Bleach then you are in for a ride. We are sure that you will enjoy it to your heart’s content regardless if you watch only the Bleach canon episodes.

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