Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 is now one of the longest hiatus manga chapters in anime history. The HXH manga is one of the most popular mangas ever to exist. The deadly duo Killua and Gon are the reason the entire series was a huge success. The other characters surrounding the main characters have such a tremendous role in the entire series that it makes you appreciate the author to the farthest extent.

To think that an entire storyline with so many characters and backgrounds came from one brain is simply genius. But we forget an important fact; he is a human being just like us. Yoshihiro Togashi is a very humble person and aims to provide the best content to his fans. Unfortunately, his health has been an obstacle. This resulted in what is called the “One of the longest hiatus in anime history.”

But after a little digging, a few interesting facts have been found regarding the Hunter X Hunter 391 Release Date. In today’s article, we will update you on all the information and news about Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date and Latest Updates.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391

hunter x hunter chapter 391

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 is a chapter that has been on a hiatus for over 2 years. This record-breaking hiatus has brought no information from the author nor the staff. Fans are getting really desperate and have started making their own theories about what’s yet to come. The HXH manga has a very loyal fan base and hasn’t revolted against the long hiatus. Rather, they are keeping the author in their prayers in hopes for him to get well.

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HXH Chapter 391 Release Date

hunter x hunter 391 delay

Hunter X Hunter chapter 391 has skipped a total of 102 issues and has still not stated any information regarding the release date. It is sad to see a once-popular manga in this state. The downfall of Hunter X Hunter began in 2006 where a huge number of Hiatus started pilling up. There were constant delays between chapters for various reasons.

The year 2006 had a long hiatus of 79 issues. It was a devastating blow to the fans and the manga sales. This marked the starting of a series of delays that would ruin the reputation of the manga. Later, in 2014, its hiatus crossed 81 issue skips, which broke its previous record.

But that number doesn’t hold a candle to the latest recording-breaking number it is creating. All we can hope for is for Yoshihiro Togashi to get well soon and use all the help he can find to bring back our favorite characters to life. So we cannot expect to hear the Hunter X Hunter chapter 391 release date anytime soon.

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Why is Hunter x Hunter 391 on a Delay?

The whole reason why the Hunter X Hunter series is delay is that Togashi Sensei is resting due to his health condition. Togashi Sensei suffers from chronic debilitating back pain. He endures pain daily that prevents him from living a normal life. His author’s notes explain how painful his life is. But he still has promised his fans to end the manga on a good note, even if it takes time. It is sad to see Togashi Sensei in this, but his will is to be admired at a time like this. Someday, he will be able to tend to his work again and whoop out the amazing Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391.

Where to read HUNTER X HUNTER Manga?

hunter x hunter chapter 391

Viz Media and MangaPlus are the best websites to read all the chapters of Hunter X Hunter. We highly condemn the usage of illegal websites.

That sums up the information on Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391.

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