Hey Guys, we back with another Korean Drama update. And this time, we are going to talking about Hush Episode 10. In this post, we’ve included every possible detail regarding the official release and where you can watch episode 10 of Hush legally without any trouble. So, let’s get started but first, let’s have the details regarding the series-

About Hush

This office drama takes us to the scenario of a newspaper company. Hush displays the daily struggle and ethical dilemmas of Newspaper reporters. In the scenario, there is an experienced newspaper reporter known as Han Jun Hyeok. He chooses journalism or newspaper reporting in order to follow the concept of Justice. But now, he is stuck between the concept of idealism and pragmatism. Apart from this, he has to go through his family problems as well.

Then the story introduces one new character- Lee Ji Su. She is not afraid of anything and she prevails the concept of justice as well. So, when she met her mentor- Han Jun Hyeok, she started to dream of becoming the best and successful Newspaper reporter or journalist.

Hush is a Korean Drama that comes under the Office and Drama genre. Besides this, this series is written by Kim Jung-min. On the other hand, this series is directed by Choi Gyu-sik. Furthermore, the producer of the series is Seonghye Park. The production companies of the Hush KDrama 2020 TV Series are KeyEast and JTBC Studios. Besides this, the distributor, as well as the Original network of the series, is JTBC.

Hush Kdrama Episode 10

Release Date

As per the information, this series planned to release 16 episodes. And for now, 9 episodes have been released. It means that the upcoming episode of the series would be- Episode 10. So, as per the schedule, Hush kdrama Episode 10 is going to release on 16th January 2021. On the other hand, the rundown of each episode is 70 minutes.

Where To Watch?

You can stream Hush episode 10 on Dramacool.