Here comes another brand new detective and suspense genre category hit by the Japanese Manga industry- i tell c. From Sherlock Holmes to Detective Conan, it feels like we get a new story to follow up. On the other hand, we are getting this gut feeling that this series will be up to the mark and Otakus can finally have something to compare with Detective Conan. This latest manga series is considered to be a debut by mangaka- Kazusa Inaoka. With just a single chapter in the market and fans got crazy for the upcoming issue. Don’t worry, we’ll cover the details regarding¬†“i tell c chapter 2”.¬†In this post, we are going to discuss details regarding the release date and where to read the 2nd chapter of i tell c. So, without any further ado, let’s get going-

i tell c consists 3 major characters- Risa, Ukon, and Sakon. Risa is the main protagonist of the series. All 3 of them are part of an investigation of a certain detective agency. Risa is blessed with an uncanny habit or what say powers of falling in love with the main culprit of the whole scene. This is the story of these 3 who off in the path which includes suspense, a lot of suspense.

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i tell c chapter 2

This is something the fandom of i tell c is eagerly waiting for. So, what is the official date in which Risa is coming back with another suspenseful case? Let’s find out-

What is the release date of i tell c 2?

As per the schedule, i tell c chapter 2 is going to release on 7th February 2021.

Where to read i tell c chapter 2?

You can read i tell c chapter 2 on Viz officially.

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