Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 169 is announced to be delayed due to the health issue of the author. S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo’s new army and the impending big battle will reveal in the upcoming chapter. With General Beru taking on Grand Marshal Bellion, the story starts. The army commander was discovered in S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo’s army, and Beru challenges Bellion to a duel.

From Chapter 169 of Solo Leveling Season 2, Shadow Army soldiers Beru and Bellion will be engaged in combat, trading devastating blows. In the most recent chapter of Solo Leveling Season 2, Beru and Bellion engaged in a 50/50 fight, with Sung Jinwoo siding with the army of the Demonic Beast.

After seeing that this battle would take some time to finish, Sung Jinwoo confronts the leader, Beru, and demands to know why they are doing this. He responds by saying that his purpose in life was not to get to the rank of great commander and to battle beside his lord. As suggested by Sung Jinwoo, Beru should be to the left of him, and Bellion should be to the right of him.

The third Shadow Soldier inquires about Sung Jinwoo’s stance, to which Beru enthusiastically agrees. Sung Jinwoo then promises to protect Beru’s back. They’re both overjoyed that they’ll stay at Sung Jinwoo’s side no matter what happens. With an Orb of Avarice, the Dinosaur army’s commander displays his might to Sung Jinwoo. In the eyes of Sung Jinwoo, is it cheating to use the Orb of Avarice?

Bellion proposes that Sung Jinwoo remain with them while Beru is preparing his forces. Asking about his recollections of the Shadow Army and the reasons for his inability to recall them, the man is surprised. In response, Sung Jinwoo says that the Shadows may have been bothering him since they were trapped in between dimensions for the duration of their stay.

As for Bellion, Sung Jinwoo wonders whether he is still grieving at the death of his lord, the former Shadow Monarch Ashborn. Bellion recounts that Ashborn engaged the Rulers in combat and emerged victorious with the ability to end lives.

Summary of Solo Leveling Chapter 168 of Solo Leveling

Bellion also says that when they were working together, he never questioned Ashborn’s choice. Bellion is instructed by Sung Jinwoo to provide additional information about his encounters with the Ashborn. Beginning with Bellion’s creation as a “World Tree” fruit. When a fruit falls from the World Tree, it gives birth to a soldier of Sky.

The World Tree is a mythical tree whose limbs devour the whole Sky. Take us to the residence of Sung Jinwoo. He is well aware that he must discuss the outbreak of global war with the eight allied forces. Ah-Jin, her mother, and Sung Jinwoo keep an eye on him while he prepares dinner for the four of them in their home kitchen. Because he has never done something like this before, his mother is taken aback. She also notes that Sung Jinwoo’s demeanor has changed.

Sung Jinwoo is worried about the outcome of the conflict and the future of the planet. Ah-Jin mentioned the experience of eating different kinds of cuisine. When they try the meal, they agree that Sung Jinwoo is the greatest chef in the house. The Monarch of Destruction has reduced everything to ashes, as Sung Jinwoo has discovered. Sung Jinwoo observes that his family is content despite the threat of the Monarch of Destruction destroying the Earth.

Ah-Jin and her mother like to eat a variety of different kinds of food that are seasoned. The moment has come, according to Sung Jinwoo. His mother enquires as to whether or not there’s something amiss. As he claims it is unimportant to Sung Jinwoo, his mother reminds him of the wonderful meals his father used to prepare before to venturing out into the world. It wasn’t what he thought it was, he informed his mother, and he claimed that someone was at the door. In the evening, Sung Jinwoo met Jin Ho’s father for a private discussion. Hung Sung, the mother of Sung Jinwoo who awoke from Eternal Slumber, was mentioned.

Solo Leveling Chapter 169 Release Date

Chapter 169 of Solo Leveling Season 2 is delayed due to the health of the author. Sung Jinwoo was asked by Jin Ho’s father whether he could compensate him for saving his son’s life. It is revealed by Sung Jinwoo that if something happened to Jin Ho’s father, he would be able to care for his family.

Meanwhile, in Shangai, China, Colossal Gate appeared. A Berserk Dragon army appeared from the darkness when Sung Jinwoo touched his forehead on his meeting with a Chairman, which Sung revealed to him. As Solo Leveling Season 2 progresses, we’ll learn more about the events leading up to World War II.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 169?

Other websites will have Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 169 available for you to read. The most recent chapters of Solo Leveling Season 2 are currently unavailable on the official manga website. On the other hand, new chapters of the manga are released on a weekly basis unless they are accidentally postponed. Due to the manga taking a weekly vacation, Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 169 has been delayed. So when is Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 169 coming out? Let’s meet then.

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