Lawyers by profession are supposed to be shrewd. A good lawyer manages to manipulate others while keeping his cards hidden most of the time. Vincenzo Cassano, played by Song Joong-Ki, follows this ardently. He’s a skilled legal adviser, experienced in playing dirty to profit as a mafia’s consignor. He knows exactly what cards to play to trap the enemy.

Succeeding with such ease that he makes everything look like a child’s play. Vincenzo has shown just how dangerous he can get when he spots an enemy. At the same time, he is compassionate, which is shown by his actions to help the residents get justice.

Let’s dive deeper and learn more about who exactly is Vincenzo Cassano?

Physical Features

Vincenzo is a charming man. A heartthrob, dare I say the hottest male in the entirety of the show?! He is the kind of guy who could steal your girl in seconds. A good physique, always dressed in designer Italian ware accompanied with a killer smile, this is what defines Vincenzo.

If all of that wasn’t enough, he’s an excellent fighter, clearly trained to kill as you would expect out a former mafia lawyer. Try to beat around the bush with this man, and you will secure a gateway to hell.


From his high-end fashion sense to his smooth-talking, he looks like a very dignified young man with a little hint of his sinister side. I forgot to mention his seductive tone when speaking in Italian.

Vincenzo is the standard for ” If looks could kill.”

Personality & Behaviour

When we are introduced to his character in episode 1, destroying his enemy, the first impression is of a ruthless and cruel man ready to do whatever it takes to win. But the scene changes, and we suddenly have a naive man whose duped by fraudulent taxi drivers on his arrival in Korea.

It is hilarious, to say the least. This daring and scary ex-mafia lawyer can be dumb too. Vincenzo’s personality and the way he behaves overall leaves him in the grey area. Like he’s not twisted or bad entirely, but he can’t be called a good guy either.

If we look at the 12 episodes so far, there has been a significant shift in his goals from just making selfish goals to actually helping others. Of course, this may be because he was abandoned by his own mother and, therefore, trust issues.

Yet, as viewers, we cannot be sure if he’s made to choose between his gold & the plaza people who exactly he will choose. Vincenzo is ready to kill if needed to gain his desired object, as he hinted when he attacked the enemy prosecutor, but also ready to ensure justice, as was shown when he helped put up the fire in Babel.

Vincenzo is also trying his best to be a good son from the sidelines. Even after being abandoned, he still watched his mom and even tried to help her. This shows the inherent goodness in him.

On that account, Vincenzo can be called a lawful evil man.


Vincenzo came to Korea with the only motive of getting back the gold he hid ages ago. It was a simple selfish desire he needed to fulfill, and after that, he would leave. So his only motive was to destroy the plaza, get what he wanted and leave.

But this entire plan was foiled thanks to the stubborn residents and Babel’s interference. Now Vincenzo was forced to sort out this mess because otherwise, carrying out his plan would be impossible.

The residents were nothing but an obstacle same goes for Babel or rather still are. Except now, Vincenzo is ready to fight it out for their sake too, but one shouldn’t forget that his ulterior motive still involves the gold beneath the plaza.

Now to see him do that is going to take a while, but it will hopefully be immensely satisfying considering how hard he’s been working for it.


Be it Yoo-Chan or his daughter Hong or, for that matter, all the residents of the plaza, Vincenzo seems to have a fairly good relationship with all of them. Yes, they started on hostile terms, but thanks to Yoo, he could open up.

Not only do the residents trust him a lot, but he himself has also grown fond of them, so much so to risk it all to help them. As for Hong, it’s obvious she has grown to love him. As more time passes, the chances of them developing a romantic relationship increases.

Vincenzo is so good at what he does that the antagonists, though they despise him, cannot help but respect and admire him. That is just the kind of cool guy Vincenzo is.

Let’s hope his winning streak continues when the latest episode airs onĀ Netflix.

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