Things got heated up in Chapter 209, the suspense is truly painful. Will the power couple have a temporary break-up after everything they have been through?. This blog will cover everything you need to know about Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210 and where to watch Kaguya-Sama chapter 210 at the earliest.

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210 Updates

Is there a delay in the release date of Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210?

We know how much you guys are eagerly waiting for the release of Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210. Worry not, for there is no delay in the upcoming latest chapter. Hence, it will follow its original schedule as usual. Stay tuned with Spoilerguy for more updates and the latest anime news.

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210 Release Date

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210 Release Date

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210 releases on 3rd December 2020. The next chapter will feature a huge decision in their relationship which will change the course of their lives. Kaguya says she wants them to go their separate ways for the better good. Let’s hope for the best and wait patiently for the chapter to release. Until then stay home and stay safe.

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 209 – Summary

  • Kaguya withdraws her application for Stanford. She doesn’t want Hayasaka to know about this.
  • The scene skips to Kaguya meeting her elder brother who is very protective of her and tends to control her life decisions.
  • He tells her to give up on going to Stanford and allow him to find a good husband for her. Kaguya decides to stay back and fix things herself instead of running away from her family problems.
  • Miyuki decides to stay back in Japan as well but Shinomiya stops him.
  • She explains how she knew about how his father’s company was taken away from him by the Shinomiya group. She feels terrible because his father knew that she was from that family but still was affectionate and treated her right.
  • Kaguya also knows that Miyuki wanted to study abroad so that he could work hard and later take back his father’s company. she starts to cry and says that Miyuki has a wonderful family and doesn’t;t want to ruin his goal.
  • In order to achieve both their goals, Shinomiya says “Let’s stray slightly from the path we choose. For the sake of our dreams okay??”

Where to Read Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210?

The manga comes out in Tonari no Young Jump magazine. Moreover, you can read the manga chapters for free as soon as they are up on VIZ media. Make sure you use these official platforms to read your manga as this will help support the manga creators. We highly condemn the usage of an illegal streaming website to read manga or watch anime.

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210 Leaks and Spoilers

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 210 spoilers are not out yet. Leaks and spoilers can be simplified as raw scans which sometimes get revealed and translated by fellow weebs. This is usually done when epic suspense takes place in the anime and fans just can’t wait long enough to read it officially. We will make sure to update this post if any spoilers and leaks are found.

About Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Manga

Started on December 26, 2012, and continuing till now – the manga has a total of 209 chapters and fans are waiting for Kaguya-Sama chapter 210 So far and around 18 volumes. Aka Akasaka is the author of the manga. The manga used to publish in Miracle Jump during the year 2015–2016 but now it’s published in Weekly Young Jump. Viz Media has a license for the online distribution of series.

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