Kaguya Sama has gained a lot of popularity ever since it received an anime adaptation. After 2 successful seasons, the anime has been green-lit for a third season as well. But that’s not all. Once the third season releases there is going to be a lot of traffic towards the manga as there are a lot of cliffhangers that will be portrayed in the third season. With that being said, a new problem has arisen in the love lives of high school teenagers. Iino is now having the spotlight on her as she tries her level best to get Ishigami’s attention. This article will update you on Kaguya Sama Chapter 230 Delayed? – “A Humongous Misunderstanding”, Release Date!

Kaguya Sama Chapter 230 Delayed?

Previously we were unfortunate when reading the latest chapter as it was on a 2-week delay. Fans were frustrated as the chapter ended with a cliffhanger of Iino’s jealousy. Since Ishigami is a very secretive character, we are completely unaware of what to expect from him after his time with Tsubame Senpai. But worry not, for we will definitely see more of this in the next chapter. As of now, there are no official statements regarding any delays.

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Kaguya Sama Chapter 230 Release Date Confirmed!

kaguya sama chapter 230

Kaguya Sama Chapter 230 Release Date has been confirmed to be 8th July 2021. After last week’s delay, we can be assured that there won’t be many of any delays in the future. At the end of chapter 229, it was mentioned that the team was sorry for the hiatus and announced that they were back. This could only mean that they will bring their A-game in releasing the latest chapters as soon as possible.

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Quick Memory Refreshment – Chapter 229

The chapter starts with Ishigami and Miko having a hearty conversation about a game that they both enjoy playing. Iino notices this from the side and feels jealous as she is unable to acquire such knowledge in gaming and is incapable of making Ishigami smile like that. So she makes up her mind to learn to game.

Iino goes to the president to seek advice regarding Ishigami’s preferences. But he doesn’t know much about gaming and is left with no choice but to recommend learning to game from none other than his father. Things get really complicated and funny hereon.

The two of them start gaming at night and have a conversation from which Mr. Shirogane finds out that she is doing this to impress a boy from school. Iino blushes and is hesitant in admitting it, but the obvious truth doesn’t stay hidden for long.

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While having this conversation, Iino makes her first kill to win the champion title and feels great about it. She immediately feels the gamer’s rush and wants to play and kill more players. This illustrates a classic example of how a girl enters the world of gaming to impress her crush but ends up liking the game more than her crush.

The next day, Miko finds Iino dozing off in class blabbering about how she was with her Papa all night and they went at it over and over again. But when Miko finds out that it isn’t her own father that she’s talking about, she assumes Iino to have found a sugar daddy. Thus begins the story of Miko’s Misunderstanding.

Kaguya Sama Chapter 330 Spoilers?

The spoilers for Kaguya Sama Chapter 330 are yet to release. Usually, it releases a day or two prior to the official release date. But if we were to speculate, the next chapter is going to be extremely funny as we will go on a rollercoaster ride of Miko trying to uncover Iino’s secret of her so-called sugar daddy. Iino’s determination in trying to get Ishigami to like her might actually make her dreams come true, but her love for gaming might actually surpass her past feelings.

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