Hey Guys, in this blog we will be discussing the upcoming events of Tower Of God Episode 12. As we all know Tower Of God was the most awaited webtoon of the year. Putting an end to our wait, the first episode of Tower Of God finally aired on 1st April. Moreover,th Tower Of God A.K.A Kami no Tou is an action and Dark Fantasy webtoon. With the release of its sixth episode, fans are looking forward to Kami no Tou Episode 12.


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Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 12

Tower of God Episode 12
Tower of God Episode 11

After the 11th episode of Kami no Tou, Fans are eagerly waiting for Kami no Tou episode 12. As of now, no exact details have been out from the officials regarding the 12th episode of the Tower of God. If any new information comes, we will make sure to update it. So Stay Tuned to our website for more information. People are excited as the anime is moving towards the season’s end.

Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 12 Release Date

As Episode 11 of the anime was out on 10th June. So we expect Tower of God Episode 12 Release Date to be 17th June 2020, at 00:30 JST. Moreover, A new episode is expected every Wednesday. Besides, there is no delay in the tower of god episodes due to COVID-19 like other anime. You can read more about it here.

How many episodes will be there in Tower of God Season 1?

It has been revealed, Tower of God aka Kami no Tou will have a total of 13 episodes in its first season. Moreover, the ten episodes are already out.

Where to watch Tower Of God Episode 12?

You can watch the 12th episode of the Tower of God and all other episodes on Crunchyroll in Japanese audio with English subtitles. Moreover, We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial website. Besides this, You can also read more about Anime Streaming Websites here.

Kami No Tou Episode 12 Spoilers

The anime is following the story of the popular Korean webtoon, Tower of God. So, there aren’t any necessary spoilers for the upcoming episode. However, if you think – you can’t hold your horses for Tower of God Episode 12; Start reading Tower of God Webtoon.

Moreover, If there is any sneak peek for the next episode, i.e, Kami no Tou Episode 12. We will make sure to add it to this article.

Kami No tou episode 11
Bam | Kami No Tou

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Tower of God Episode 12 English Dub

As you must be aware of Crunchyroll announced recently that Our Favorite Webtoon Tower of God is getting English Dub. If Everything goes as per schedule then Tower of God Episode 12 English Dub will come out 29th July 2020.

About Anime

Tower Of God is an action and Dark Fantasy webtoon whose anime adaptation was announcement was made at Seoul Comic-Con in August 2019. Takashi Sano is the director and Joseph Chou is the producer. A lot of credits goes to the author Erika Yoshida and the anime studio – Telecom Animation Film. Licensed by Funimation, Kevin Penkin gets the credit for the awesome music in the anime. As of now, the anime has aired a total of 11 episodes, Kami no Tou Episode 12 will be out soon. Here is the official trailer for the same:

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