The anime is mediocre sports anime with decent fanservice and appealing character designs. The anime covers up the Sports-Ecchi genre. Overall, the story is entertaining as well as enjoyable. However, the anime is more focused on the girls having a good time. Different fans have different opinions, but, that’s not the case here. Fans are looking forward to Kandagawa Jet Girls Season 2.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Season 2-

The anime gave a bit of “yuri” taste. Moreover, fans are loving not just the ecchi clips but the funny scenes from the anime, as well. So, without any more delays- let us talk about the second season of Kandagawa Jet Girls.

Despite how popular the anime was, Kandagawa Jet Girls is an independent anime. Unlike other anime, the plot is not based on any manga, light novel, or web series. The anime did have a huge fan base. However, the amount of support isn’t enough yet for another season. In short, the anime is not as popular that it’d get a second season.

Kandagawa Jet Girls season 2 watch

Release Date

The season 1 for this anime aired from October 2019 to December 2019. As for the second season, it’s quite impossible to come up with a date as of now. However, the release date for Kandagawa Jet Girls season 2 would be in or around July to September 2021.

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“Jet-Racing” has become a mega-popular extreme sport across the world, and with good reason! The “Jetter” pilots a high-velocity watercraft and is paired with a “Shooter” who blasts rival teams with a hydro gun. It all adds up to explosive, wet-and-wild action as they race to the finish and compete to earn supremacy. Moreover, Among those competing is Rin Namiki, and racing is in her blood. Rin aspires to become a legendary Jetter just like her mother, and after meeting the cool and gorgeous Shooter Misa Aoi, it looks like Rin’s dreams are finally in reach with a partner who shares her passion! Every race brings them tighter together as a team and closer than ever to their dream of becoming the best Jet Racers on the water. (Source: Sentai Filmworks)

Here is the official trailer for the anime-


Theme songs-

The opening theme for the anime is “Bullet Mermaid” and the ending theme for the anime is called, “Rivals”.

All episodes of Kandagawa Jet Girls are exclusively available on AnimeLab.

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