Excited about the upcoming anime movies! Well, Kimi Wa Kanata streamed it’s new trailer this Monday. The trailer plays the theme song “Shunkan Dramatic”. Furthermore, it has unveiled its new poster and additional cast for the film.

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About the Film

The Official site of TOHO will release the theatrical anime in Japan on November 27. Moreover, a novelized book of the movie will be released before the movie releases. The book is said to release from Kadokawa Fantasia Bunko on November 20th. The author of the book is Yoshinobu Sena. Haon had drafted the characters and Tomoyuki Abe has illustrated the book. “Kimi Wa Kanata” is the Japanese name for “You are Beyond” anime movie. The rock band Saji will be playing the theme song “Shunkan Dramatic”.

Teaser poster visual featuring the main characters.

Cast and Crew

The anime will feature Honoka Matsumoto as Mio and Toshiki Seto as Shin. The other voice actors are Mari Natsuki as Grandma Mori (a vendor of candy store who supports Mio), Naoto Takenaka as Mogari (a guardian of the boundary between worlds), Anna Tsuchiya as the suspicious fortune-teller Orinatsu, Atsuko Sendo as the mother of Mio, Sachi Miyamasu, and TKO Kimoto as the clerk of the forgotten mouth. Takehiro Moto is in charge!

More about the movie

The plot of the movie revolves around a place in the Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo. The main characters are two childhood friends, Mio and Arata. It is an adolescent fantasy film where Mio has feelings for Arata and always has him in her mind. But is never able to express her heart out to Arata. Then one day, they get into an argument and Mio decides to make up for it. But when she leaves to meet Arata She gets into a traffic accident. By the time Mio regains her consciousness, she finds herself in a strangely unfamiliar world. Will Arata be able to save Mio? Let’s wait for the movie to answer that! To know more you can click here to visit their official site.

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