In today’s blog, we will discuss Kingdom Chapter 670 Release Date and Where to Read at the earliest? Previously we saw Kyoukai and Shiki go against each other, and the battle was really emotional. It was brutal and heartbreaking to watch but isn’t that the entire nature of Kingdom. Fans had been waiting for this chapter due to its delay and were not disappointed after it was released.

The illustration and script were really touching, with particular scenes that made me want to cry. A few speculation and spoilers had already been deducted a week back due to the delay. Many of us knew what was coming, but seeing it in the manga was quite special, especially the attention to detail in every scene.

Kingdom always has something to offer in terms of life lessons. The previous chapter was a clear example of how a simple chapter in a manga can make you perceive life and its course in a whole new light. Human feelings, misunderstandings, and unwillingness to talk always tends to take a toll on people who later turn to the dark side. Such beautiful comprehending of life can be witnessed only in Kingdom. So let’s see what Kingdom Chapter 670 has in store for us.

Kingdom Chapter 670 Release Date

kingdom chapter 670

Kingdom Chapter 670 Release Date is confirmed to be 21st February 2021. The release date may undergo changes in the future due to sudden delays. Kingdom Chapters have been undergoing delays for quite some time. To know more about such delays and updates, make sure to stay tunes to Spoilerguy.

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Previously on Kingdom Manga

Kingdom Manga Chapter 670 Details Read oNline

We witnessed a truly emotional chapter from Kingdom. It was heartbreaking and nail-biting at the same time. The chapter started with a small flashback of Rei and Shiki. During the ritual, Kyoukai and Rei battle it out, but then Rei reveals her past.

Rei admits to having stabbed Shiki because Shiki stopped her sword during her attack. She goes onto say that Shiki promised to go all out but betrayed her in the end. Rei describes the gruesome moment of Shiki coughing up blood while in terrible pain.

Later she says how everyone pushes her further into darkness. She hates reality and wants to send everyone to Shiki. But Kyoukai stops her and asks if that’s what really happened in the past. Kyoukai challenges Rei that Shiki didn’t die, only coughing up blood and that she must have said something during her last moments.

After slight denial, it all comes back to Rei. She remembers Shiki apologizing and calling herself selfish. She also asks Rei to live her life to the fullest. Shiki comes back to her senses. The chapter ends with Shiki screaming, “I Love you too, Shiki,” while being hugged by Kyoukai and a small flashback of Rei and Shiki.

Where to Read Kingdom 670

Since Kingdom hasn’t been assigned an official website to read all the latest chapters, you can check out Weekly Young Magazine. It is the go-to place for reading Kingdom Chapter 670 and all the latest chapters.

We do not encourage and highly condemn the usage of illegal online streaming/reading platforms to view the latest manga chapters and anime episodes.

Kingdom Chapter 670 Spoilers/Updates

As of now, we haven’t received any official news regarding the spoilers and leaks of Kingdom 670. Butt do not lose hope, as we will make sure to update you weebs at the earliest when there are any official updates from the staff and creator of Kingdom.

Well, that’s all for today on Kingdom Chapter 670 Release Date; where to Read Kingdom 670? While you wait for the latest chapter to release, make sure to check out: Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date: The Final Dumpster Battle!!