The battle between Kochou HQ and Kanki’s soldiers begins in Kingdom Chapter 693, with Kanki’s forces assassinating the Kochou HQ men. Kingdom has been fighting their foes since Kanki tricked them and they couldn’t find him. Kanki’s men assault Kouchou’s HQ in force in the newest Kingdom manga chapter.

The Zenou Unit arrives at the same moment, and one of Kanki’s troops remarks that they are unaware that he is hidden. The Kochou troops try to flee, but they are ambushed by Zenou, who kills them. A report arrived at Kochou HQ stating that they were being assaulted from both sides.

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Earlier on Kingdom Chapter 692

The invaders began as a small unit and expanded to a force of 1000 men before being joined by other troops. The Kochou troops are concerned about the HQ’s safety, but they have 3000 men to defend their region. They decided to send reinforcements since they were worried they wouldn’t reach it in time, and they fought the Qin. One of the soldiers can’t believe they used to be hunters, but now they’re being hunted and wonders what Kanki’s plan was after he beat them and ate their game.

Kochou responds that throughout the conflict, they failed to calculate Kanki’s army numbers. The second soldier adds that the fire pits were not counted, to which Kochou responds that the front line made a mistake. The front line focuses on the retreating soldiers, believing it was all of them and Kanki’s side surrenders.

Kochou understands that as the troops depart, the others remain undercover and continue to cause trouble. They conceal until their troops pass them by, at which point Kochou’s forces discover they have left ten thousand soldiers in the dark.

Kingdom Chapter 693 Release Date

On September 26th, 2021, Kingdom-Chapter 693 will be published. Before the latest chapter of Kingdom is released on Sunday, the manga publishes spoilers. In the following episode, the struggle between Kanki’s soldiers and Kochou’s troops continues. This Sunday, there will be no weekly break. Let’s meet us on Sunday when Kingdom manga returns. Although there is no official Kingdom manga website, new chapters will be released weekly.

Where to read Kingdom Chapter 693?

Because Kingdom does not have an official website where you can read all of the current chapters, you may go to Weekly Young Magazine. It’s the best spot to go to read Kingdom Chapter 680 and the most recent chapters.

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