Well, who wasn’t waiting for the anime adaptation for the 3rd season of Kingdom. And, if you are a manga reader too – then trust me, I know how eagerly you were waiting for “some” scenes to get animated. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5 was originally listed to air on Monday, 4 May 2020, at 12:15 AM JST. Unfortunately for us, due to the ongoing coronavirus, the Kingdom Season 3 went on a hiatus and its 5th episode never got out along with popular series like One Piece and the Millionaire Detective.

While other anime from Summer 2020 made a return, there was not a single update from the staff in Kingdom. Up until now, there were no updates regarding Episode 5 of Kingdom Season 3. But, say no more! We at SpoilerGuy have some great news for those who have been waiting for the anime’ continuation.

A statement from one of the staff members for Kingdom anime recently affirms the return of the third season. And, as per the official statement, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5 will release in Spring 2021. We will be surely getting an exact release date for the anime sooner than later. But, here is what we have for all the fans who have been eagerly waiting for the same.

The third season of Kingdom anime will be covering up the Alliance arc. This arc is actually the 7th arc of the popular ongoing Kingdom manga. It will be covering up the story of One year after the Battle of Bayou. Well, that sums up the news – until then, have a look at the trailer for Kingdom Season 3 –