Hey Everyone! If you are still wondering about Kingdom season 3, you will be glad to know that kingdom Season 3 will finally resume from April 2021. After a very long hiatus, Kingdom Season 3 will return with its 5th Episode with more action and a god-tier storyline. In this article, we will let you in on all the information regarding Kingdom Anime Season 3.

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Kingdom Anime Season 3 Release Date

The anime went on a pause due to the effects of the pandemic. However, the official website has announced its return on Monday. The website released a new teaser video as well as a visual. Kingdom Season 3 will finally resume its broadcast on NHK General TV from April 2021. Further, the teaser is attached below.

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The broadcast schedule is subject to change but they have said the information will be revealed soon. Moreover, Funimation streams the anime as it air in Japan. The story of Kingdom is said to be one of the largest battles in the history of “Kingdom”.

Visual: Kingdom Season 3

Why Did Kingdom Season 3 get delayed?

On 26 April 2020, The committee announced the delay in Kingdom Season 3 episode 5 and its consecutive episodes. They explained the reason for the delay, where the sudden spread of the coronavirus has affected the schedule of the production.

Kingdom Anime Season 3 Spoilers

The coalition between Zhao and Qin may have allowed the Chinese state to expand its borders, but it caused Qin’s neighbors to begin plotting in the shadows. Zhao Prime Minister Ri Boku and Chu Prime Minister Shun Shin Kun form a Coalition Army comprised of all the warring states except for Qi, which withdrew its men at the behest of Qin diplomat Sai Taku.

Kingdom anime Season 3

With 540,000 men ready to invade, the Coalition Army intends to wipe Qin from the map. Qin’s leaders realize their only hope is to abandon all posts that were not of significant strategic value. They needed to gather all their troops to form a defensive position at Kankoku Pass to defend the northern path to Qin’s royal capital city of Kanyou.

The last city remaining in the path of the Colation Army is called Sai. King Ei Sei realizes their only hope is to stop the Coalition’s advance in Sai by gathering together every spare man available to prepare for a siege in Sai.

As it so happens, Xin (or Shin) enters the battle of Sai. Will Xin be able to prove his worth by becoming a 3,000-man commander on his quest to become the world’s greatest general?

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What is Kingdom Manga About?

Kingdom Anime Season 3 release Date, Where to watch Kingdom Season 3?

The Kingdom is a Japanese Seinen manga series. Yasuhisa Hara has written and illustrated the manga. The manga revolves around the period of warring states. The story is about the war orphan Xin along with his comrades. He aims to become the greatest general and unifying China.

The manga is serialized in the weekly shonen jump of Shueisha since 2006. It has collected over 59 tankōbon volumes. Also, the manga has sold over 68 million copies in total. On December 12, 2012, the manga won the Guinness record. Since most people have written manga. The manga has currently finished its 663rd chapter and fans are eagerly waiting for its next chapter to release, to know more about it click the link below.

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