Hey Guys in this blog, we will discuss Kyoshin to Hyouka Anime. Kyoshin to Hyouka or The Giant Gods and the Ice Flower Castle is an upcoming short anime. Moreover,  Kyoshin to Hyouka Anime was supposed to release on 22nd May this year. But, Due to COVID-19 it has been delayed.

Kyoshin to Hyouka Anime – New Release Date

As mentioned earlier Kyoshin to Hyouka Anime Release Date was 22nd May this year. But, Due to COVID-19 it has been delayed. The New Release Date is not out yet. But, we will make sure to update our blog as soon as we get new information. Make sure to follow our Social media accounts for more details and anime-related news.

You can also check the Kyoshin to Hyouka official website for more information.

Kyoshin to Hyouka Plot

The story is based in Edo Era (1603 and 1868) in the city of Minamishimabara. The life of a Third Grade Student Shiro changed when he and his childhood friend cam across a mysterious creature name Goron. This happened while Shiro and his childhood friends were taking a walk across the city. Moreover, The encounter with the creature was followed by many incidents in the city.

Kyoshin to Hyouka Anime
Kyoshin to Hyouka

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Kyoshin to Hyouka Cast

A proper list of Cast is given on the official website of the show.

  • Shiro – Yuli Otani (Pikachu in The Pokémon movie: Coco, Morgana in Persona 5 video game)
  • Goron – Yoshitsugu Matsuoka(Sword Art Online, Mob psycho 100)
  • Time Eight – Ayumu Murase(Joe in Parasyte, Yuji in Assassination classroom)
  • Madder – Minami Takahashi (Megumi Tadakoro in Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma)

About Anime

The director and character designer is Okamoto, who has also worked on Mecha-Ude. Fans have a lot of expectations from the upcoming creator. The theme song by Lien is produced by Half HP studio. Takeshi Takadera is the sound director.

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