In this post, we are going to take about an upcoming manga that you might like to add to your reading list. Well, the Mangamo app has launched a new manga titled Laughing in Purgatory. Kemuri Karakara has written the manga. Furthermore, it has already launched its first five prequel chapters.

Rengoku ni Warau is the Japanese name of the manga Laughing in Purgatory. The manga has launched the first five prequel chapters of the manga Laughing Under the clouds. Donten ni Warau is its Japanese name and it is currently available on the mangamo app.

The plot of the ongoing manga is set during the warring states period of Japan. Thus dated 300 years before the manga Laughing under the clouds. The story centered on Orochi at Lake Biwa.

Previously the manga Laughing under the clouds was serialized in the magazine Monthly Comic Avarus. Later Doga Kobo adapted it into a 12 episode television animated series. The manga had also inspired a debut stage play in the year 2017. Laughing under the clouds is written by the same mangaka as Laughing in Purgatory.

Moreover, the manga added another short manga Utakata ni Warai or Laughing in the fog to its Laughing under the clouds franchise. It is added to its subscription service.

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