The plot and the unique illustration of the webtoon have won the hearts of millions of people. The webtoon has a modern and fresh approach to the relationship between the two greek goddesses. The main characters in the webtoon have a different perfective towards life. As the story proceeds, the characters develop unique chemistry. Lore Olympus is one of the most famous webtoons, so there may soon be a Lore Olympus Anime.

Persephone is a warm-hearted and naive 19-year-old. She has a dark side and a side where she aims to become a self-sufficient and independent woman. On the other side, Hades is the king of the underworld and CEO of it as well. Persephone is also an intern in the Underworld, working as the shade coordinator.

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Lore Olympus Anime Adaptation

The hit webtoon series Lore Olympus has long announced its anime adaptation. The Jim Henson Company had previously reported to partner with the YA Animated series. In 2019 the company announced to development of the anime adaptationLore Olympus.

The company further said that the manhua portrays a unique female personality. The Lore Olympus project has a fresh approach to mythology and imaginative illustrations. The fantasy storytelling manhua has inspired an anime adaptation, but it is still under development.

The Henson company has promised to deliver the anime in a unique animated series. The anime is said to center the young adults and provide a crafted innovation when it releases.

Lore Olympus Anime Plot

Lore Olympus Episode 141

The goddess Persephone and Hades meet most unexpectedly. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop them from falling for each other. As the webtoon proceeds, it takes us on a Greek god’s romantic journey and goddesses. The characters’ personality actors in the webtoon are similar to what we aspire to be in our real lives. Therefore, it helps us to relate the situation the characters go through as well.

As the synopsis mentions, the story revolves around the mythological god. It revolves around the daily life of the gods. The lives of the gods after dark. Their lives around friendships and lies. The story is based on how humans are not very different from humans. They have the same problems as us. It also shows a side of how love brings out changes in the lives of Persephone and Hades.

Illustration from the webtoon

Lore Olympus’s anime adaptation is assumed to be according to the manhua. Minthe breaks up with Hades just before the ex-couple was supposed to attend the Panatheneae. Hades turns up at the party alone and finds out everyone has brought someone as their partner. Zeus flirts with the girl trying on Hades and asks Hades about his partner.

Lore Olympus Anime Possibility?

Lore Olympus may announce the anime adaptation with The Henson Company. But it was back in 2019, and there haven’t been many updates after that. As of now, there hasn’t been much of an update of the Lore Olympus anime adaptation. But we can expect a surprise release of the anime adaptation of the hit manhua.

But as a big fan of the Lore Olympus Manhua, a plot like that needs more reach. Thus an anime adaptation is a substantial long awaiting demand for all the Lore Olympus fans.

Lore Olympus Anime Release Date

Lore Olympus anime is under development. With not many hints given about its release date. We can still expect it to be ready within 2023. Previously webtoons such as the Tower of God, God of High School had the same hype with the exciting plot. We eventually found their anime adaptation. Therefore, the Lore Olympus anime release date is also a much-anticipated one.

Lore Olympus anime is expected to be the as per the webtoon and according to Smythe. With Smythe part of the script, the story will have an original vision. In the webtoon, Persephone is depicted in pink and Hades in blue. Therefore in Smythe’s presence, we can expect the illustrations to look different from what we see in anime.

Lore Olympus Where to read?

To read the latest chapter of Lore Olympus, you can check out  Webtoons App and Website. You can also avail of the latest chapters in the webtoon app. Further, use coins to read the last three chapters.

Also, the latest chapters will be available for free after three weeks. But it is preferred to support the author for more creative, hard work.

About Webtoon


Lore Olympus is a romance based webtoon. A New Zealand artist, Rachel Smythe, is the creator of the famous webtoon. It has over 4.6 million subscribers with a rating of 9.75 in webtoons. The comic had previously won Eisner Award along with the Ringo award. As of now, it comes under one of the famous webtoons till 2020.

In the latest chapter of the webtoon, Hades and Persephone have a good time outdoors. At the same time, Zeus is worried about Hades Hades finding a woman like Persephone being the center of attraction. First Hades, then Apolo and Hermes liking Persephone. On top of that, Hermes unable to capture Persephone before the trial.

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