Lore Olympus is a hit Webtoon. However, everything about it is unique, new, and attractive. Loe Olympus’ Art is something that I fell in love with. The latest episode of Lore Olympus just came out, and fans are waiting for Lore Olympus Chapter 141.

Therefore, here we will discuss the upcoming episode of Lore Olympus, the release date, and other details.

Lore Olympus Episode 141 Chapter 146 Lore Olympus Episode 141

Lore Olympus shows us a story about Gods. It shows us how similar gods are to humans. And how are their problems in life similar to us. It is a more modern take on an ancient Greek Myth by the name of ” The Abduction of Persephone”.

The Comic is followed through some strong emotions and sentiments that we don’t associate gods with like Rape, Abuse, and Trauma.

Episode 141 of Lore Olympus follows through this theme and story and will show us what happens further in the story of love between Hades and Persphone.

Lore Olympus Episode 141 Release Date

Lore Olympus Episode 141 is going to come out on Sunday, 3rd January 2021. The story will continue further next year and I am sure this series will develop more and more fans in the upcoming time.

The new Episodes of the show comes out every Sunday. If there is any delay, we will be sure to update this article with the proper details and other things.

Where to Read Lore Olympus Episode 141?

Lore Olympus is available to read on the Webtoons App and Website. However, if you want to read the latest chapters you will have to use the Webtoon App and on top of that, you have to use Coins to read the last Three Chapters.

However, you don’t need to worry as the chapters will be available for free after 3 weeks of Release. So you can read it for free. However, we suggest supporting the writer as this is a work of art and deserves a lot of credit.

 About Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus is one of the best Romance Webtoon that is ongoing right now. It is created by Rachel Smythe who is from New Zealand. Lore Olympus is also the most popular Webtoon that is available to read on the Webtoon App. And as of Jan 2020, it has almost 300 million views to date.

It tells us the story of love between Hades and Persephone. And what kind of hardships and problems they had. All of this with a modern twist on it. It is portrayed beautifully and also has a lot of dark themes in the story.

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