Love Struck In The City, Episode 7 is what everyone out there is waiting for. This drama gives a lovely vibe, and unlike many other dramas, Netflix has given it a very different concept. Therefore, it isn’t a cliché and focuses more on realistic relationships. Ji Chang Wook has never ceased to surprise us. Moreover, Kim Ji Won being the female lead makes it a treat for K-drama lovers.

Episode 6, without any doubt, left us wondering what would happen next, so without any delay, let’s move on to the details :

Love Struck In The City Plot : 

Park Jae Won is an architect and a free-spirited, honest man. He loves to capture the beautiful streets and the life of the city on his camera. Lee Eun O is a freelancer; she is a very hard working young lady. She does not leave any opportunity to advertise her agency. Certain circumstances lead our lead characters to go on a date, where Lee Eun O behaves like a person she is not, and Park Jae Won ends up falling in love with her.                          After the date, Lee Eun O leaving Park Jae Won clueless.

Through this short drama, we will take a sneak peek into modern-day relationships’ daily lives and struggles.

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Cast :

  • Ji Chang Wook as Park Jae Won: An architect, a free-spirited and honest man. He will often be seen capturing the city life on his camera.
  • Kim Ji Won as Lee Eun-O: Lee Eun O a freelancer and a very hard working young lady. She does not leave any opportunity to advertise her agency.
  • Kim Min Suk as Choi Kyung Joon: He is an architect and the heir of the firm he and Jae Won work at.
  • Ryoo Kyung Soo as Kang Gun: She is a 29-year-old part-time worker; she doesn’t have a stable life and works many part-time jobs to support herself.
  • Ryu Kyung-soo as Kang Geon: A old novelist who hasn’t dated for more than 2 years. Love Struck In The City Episode 7 will give us a sneak peek into his personal life.
  • Han Ji-Eun as Oh Sun-young: A gym teacher at a high school who has declared herself a serial dater. She might seem busy on the surface, but inside, she is a very lonely person. We’ll get to see more of her in Episode 7 of Love Struck In The City.

Love Struck In The City Episode 7 Release Date :

Love Struck In The City is set to release its 7th episode on January 12, 2021, on Netflix.

Where to Watch: Love Struck In The City Episode 7 is available on Netflix and Dramacool.

Highlights of Love Struck In The City Episode 7 : 

  • Park Jae Won dresses up punk and visits a bar to meet up with Lee Eun O.

  • After returning from his military service, Kyung Joon confesses his love to Kang Gun in the sweetest way.

Author’s Review: I was very excited when this drama was announced, but I feared that this might be very similar to many other rom-com dramas, but this ended up being an absolute hit. It’s far different from all other K Dramas out there. It has a very chill sitcom vibe, and it’s very open about topics like physical relations and dating, very unlike traditional K Dramas. The cast is an absolute 10/10; they have the best chemistry ever and balance out each other. There is no way you would regret watching this masterpiece.

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This will be it for today’s blog on Love Struck In The City Episode 7. I hope you enjoyed it.