Majo no Tabitabi is one of the best and most popular anime this season. Therefore fans are waiting for Episode 11 of Majo No Tabitabi to air.

Majo No Tabitabi Episode 11

Majo no Tabitabi is based on a Fantasy Light novel series by Shiraishi Jougi and Azuru. It will have 12 episodes for the first season. Studio C2C is responsible for this title.

Although, C2C is famous for creating Onee-chan ga Kita and Harukana Receive both of which are amazing. However, Wandering witch is also a pretty nice entry to their roster. The anime also has a few dark moments

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Majo no Tabitabi Episode 11 Release Date

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 11 is going to come out on Friday, 18th December 2020 at 9:00 PM JST. However, also be sure to change the

All the new episodes for the anime will be coming out on Fridays. Be sure to stay tuned to Spoilerguy for More such updates about release dates and other news.

Where to Watch Majo no Tabitabi Episode?

Majo no Tabitabi is available to watch on FunimationNetflix, and Hulu. All of the episodes are available to watch online after a few hours of their release.

About Anime Majo No Tabitabi

The anime tells us the story of Elaine who is a Witch. She Decides to go and travel across the world. She meets different types of people who are both weird and loving in their own way. Witch each meeting Elaina becomes a part of everyone’s lives and her own world gets bigger, little at a time.

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