Hey there! Herewith an update on Mero to Koi no Mahou. According to the December issue of Ciao magazine, it has revealed that the manga Mero to Koi no Mahou will come to an end with its January issue in 2021. Furthermore, the magazine will ship on December 1.

Mero to Koi no Mahou is a Japanese comedy manga also known as Mero and love magic. The manga is based on the genres comedy, supernatural, and shoujo. Shogakukan has first released the manga in May 2019. As of September, they have published three volumes of the manga. Hiromu Shinozuka has written the manga. He has previously worked on mangas like Chibi Debi and Mirumo de Pon.

The story revolves around a girl Kina Natsukawa. She is an average middle school girl. One day when Kina forgets to bring her umbrella Saionji Kun offers her one. Later she develops a crush towards him. But Saionji is known for his scary personality. Kina tries to approach Saionji in multiple ways but fails each time. Just when she was about to give up onĀ  Saionji- Kun. Supernatural creature Mero and Murasaki appears out of her mirror. They decide to help Kina get close to her crush for a reason and the story continues. To know what happens between Kina and Saiyonji don’t forget to read the manga.

The Ciao magazine is known for publishing shoujo mangas. The magazine was first launched in the year 1977. The Ciao magazine is known to always come with a free gift. The gift used to be a papercraft but now it varies every month. The mangas published in Ciao are released under the Ciao Comics imprint.

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