Metamorphosis is a manga that may appear appealing to the readers at first. But as the story proceeds, it shows the dark aspect of drug addiction. The hentai manga may appear very drooling at first, but that’s now how it proceeds. It is based on a high school student who gets involved in sexual activities without knowing much about it. She loses her virginity to a playboy. Along with that, the people around her start having assumptions about her. To be as per their standards, she got involved in shady business. Her friend suggested her prostitution.

Without much thought, she pursued it. But she wasn’t prepared for it, and her first client was really not satisfied. Various things made her life turn upside down. Her parents fall apart, and Saki’s father accuses her of something she didn’t want. In the end, she is forced to leave her family. If you are wondering, it’s the worse that has happened to her. No! it still doesn’t end. To know about the end and more, stay hooked till the end.

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Metamorphosis Storyline

The story revolves around a first-year high school student. She is obsessed with video games and has no social life as such. She decides to make a difference in her lifestyle. In her new school, she meets a student, Hayato. Also, he is older than Hayato. In the later part, we come to know him as a playboy. Saki meets him for the first time, and they kiss. It leads to other actions, and Saki ends up losing up her virginity.

The character development of Saki

Saki works on her looks, but people assume her to be rich and start interacting. To continue her appearance, she needs money and therefore gets involved in prostitution. Saki’s father loses his job and forces Saki to sleep with him. Later, when her mother is told about the scene, she blames Saki. Saki runs away from his home and returns to Hayato. But he himself is dissolved in debt for heroin.

Saki promises people to repay his debt and gets back to her shady business with clients. In the meantime, she gets pregnant with Hayato’s kid, but he convinced her to abort. With time she gets the taste of drugs, and instead of repaying Hayato’s debt, she gets dissolved in her own expenses. Hayato leaves Saki, and Saki again gets pregnant, but this time she is drowned with debt. Even after repeatedly convincing herself to the kid, she is beaten by the debtors. In the end, she loses the baby and pushes herself to death.

Metamorphosis anime adaptation

Metamorphosis has a very honest and depressing storyline. It deals with the many dark aspects which have affected a lot of teenagers. However, the manga has a lot of sexual scenes. But awareness plays a big part if it gets a future anime adaptation.

The metamorphosis anime adaptation is in demand. The anime touches all the sensitive topics which immature often ignore.

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Metamorphosis anime release date

The Metamorphosis hentai manga has not mentioned any release date. Since another similar manga got anime adaptation and became popular, so it would make sense for Metamorphosis to get an anime adaptation as soon as possible. However, the release date has not been announced. But it is expected to release by June 2022. Also, we will update this article with the latest info, so stay tuned.

Metamorphosis manga

The real meaning of Metamorphosis is the transformation of an immature being to an adult form. As you read through the manga, you will notice the change in the life of Saki from a high school student to prostitution and suicide.

The manga, Metamorphosis is an American- Japanese manga. Shindo L is the mangaka. Wanimagazine has published the hentai manga in Comic X-Eros. Fakku as its English publisher. The manga was first published in 2013, and it continued till March 2016.

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