A Millenasia Project by the name“Be The Future” has been introduced by Millenasia in partnership with Global Teacher Prize-Winning, Varkey Foundation. The whole aim for “Be The Future” is not to cure the Coronavirus but the fear and panic caused by it.

In this time of Despair with morbid feelings surrounding the world, Coronavirus is running amok. Everyone who’s a part of the society is troubled, they are anxious about the virus. But that’s the only demon that they have to conquer, being alone with their thoughts which they previously weren’t able to have due to the hectic life of the modern world. Especially in countries of South Asia, where work culture and studies is the main focus for employees and students alike.

Be the Future, Millenesia Project
Be the Future, Millenesia Project

This Beautiful yet ever so ambitious project by Millenesia is truly a very good way to give back to the world. The staff members of Millenasia involved with Be The Future has said that all the earnings done by the Album will be donated to fight Coronavirus.

Yet this again proves when humanity is pushed to the edge, that’s when we truly become humans. K-pop which has been popular and liked by everyone worldwide was truly a great medium to spread this message.

Famous and Influential K-pop Artists, AleXa, Dreamcatcher, and IN2IT were selected for the album. From the release of the Audio for Be the Future on 1st May, and the release of the much-awaited music video on 6th May 2020. Be the Future has been Trending all the time. Music is also the best medicine. Thus seeing the world unite over a Single Song maybe the purest, most human thing for us.

Everything about the Song is Upbeat, making us forget about our daily quarantined life. The Lyrics give as a sense of hope but they also serve another purpose of teaching us the means to fight the spread of Coronavirus. The song is cute and happy and poppy and very catchy.

Listen to “Be The Future”



This is an official Music Video for Be The Future, honestly, it’s the cutest video on the internet right now. From the visuals to the message it’s trying to convey to us. Everything about Be the Future is Cute and Happy.

If you have already watched the video and you just want to listen to the song while working, or just lying down. I am even listening to the song as I write this because it gives motivation and a happy feeling. Here are the links for the Songs on different streaming Channels


Amazon Music

Jio Saavan

Apple Music

“Be The Future” Artists



The song features Dreamcatcher, AleXa, and IN2IT who all are very famous k-pop artists. Even after working and making the song a reality they are sharing and creating small videos to show basic steps to combat Coronavirus through their social media handles.

Here is a tweet by Millenasia featuring Dami and Yoohyeon from Dreamcatcher and showing us safety tips to combat Coronavirus Spread.

Be the Future Dreamcatcher
Be the Future Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a new Girl Kpop group who does things their own way and recently, got nominated for the 2017 MNET Asian Music Awards for Best New Female Artist.

There are a lot of trends over #bethefuture online, IN2IT started one of them, it’s about making a dance cover over the song and sharing it online. Overall it’s the better and cute version of any other ongoing challenge on the internet. Moreover, it also spreads awareness regarding the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Be the Future IN2IT
Be the Future IN2IT

Be The Future AleXa
Be The Future AleXa

Alexa also released her own song about fighting Coronavirus, do listen to it.

Everyone in the world is fighting Coronavirus, be it India, Korea, Japan, or the USA. Everyone is tensed and on the edge. I believe small efforts like this have a major impact on people’s minds. Music is the way to the soul, and the only way we can beat Coronavirus and Be the Future is with a strong Spirit. So people let’s be strong and Let’s be Happy, and most of all #BeTheFuture.

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That’s all folks, I hope you are staying safe inside your house minimizing the spread and doing the best to combat the spread of Coronavirus. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and follow us on our Social Media accounts if you are bored and want to look at some Anime Memes or get the latest news.