With the onset of My Hero Academia Season 5, we all went through nostalgia. MHA fans still can’t forget the epic showdown between All Might and All for One. When we look back to the previous seasons, it seems to be one hell of a ride. All Might passing his powers to a quirkless boy and then training him to the dead end is something we all remember. How many of you remember those words by All Might that laid down the initiative of the rising of the young heroes? Well, if you don’t remember them, you’re at the right place to know more about All Might quotes. Without any further wait, let’s have a lot at some of the best quotes by All Might.

Together we will go beyond, I will lift him up. I will protect your son, even if it’ll cost me my life.

All Might Quotes

Remember the intense meet between Izuku Midoriya’s mother and All Might? Well, that was the moment when All Might depicted these words to win the trust of Midoriya’s mother.

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Those who are always aiming for the top, and those who aren’t. That slight difference in attitudes will have a big impact once you go out into society.

All Might quotes from mha

If you want to reach the top, you must keep moving forward. This is something that One for All’s former owner, All Might teaches us through this.

Just believe in yourself, and You can become a hero!

One For All Quotes

Even if you’re quirkless or you don’t have any supernatural power, we can all become a hero. All Might was the perfect example of this quote since he was also quirkless during his starting days.

My power has been declining faster than I expected…But I must do this. Why? Because I am…the Symbol of Peace!

All Might Quotes

To defeat All For One last time is all we fans wanted. It was where All Might took over the responsibility and defeated the evil. No to forget the last punch that he landed on All For One.

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Whether you win or lose… You can always come out ahead by learning from the experience.

One For All Quotes

This is such an inspiring quote to look upon. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose but what matters is the process. We have to keep moving forward and learn from our past is what All Might always teach everyone.

Hey villain, have you ever heard these words? Go beyond! PLUS…ULTRA!

All might Quotes

Watching Endeavor and All Might go to the PLUS ULTRA mode was one of the biggest moments for MHA fans. No one can deny the fact that both of them did their part while fighting the villains.

When there’s nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times… is surely the mark… of a true hero!!

All Might quotes

Imagine this quote in the voice of “The Symbol of Peace”. I am pretty sure that we all get goosebumps while listening to these words by none other than All Might. After all, he is our evergreen Number 1 hero.

There is not a thing like luck, you have to do is your best.

All Might Quotes

Many of us still believe in the luck part. All Might, on the other hand, always believed in hard work and grind. It was a result of his hard work that he claimed to be the Number 1 Hero. This is still amongst one of my favorite All Might Quotes of all time.

I’m here to make you pay for what you’ve done.

One For All Quotes

Beating the shit out of villains in his own way was All Might’s go-to style. There were more than enough instances witnessed by us where All Might showed why he was the Number 1.

Meddling where you don’t technically have to is the essence of being a hero.

all might Quotes from my hero academia

Heroes are not born, they are made. They get created with their own hard work and how they tackle uncertain situations. Certainty is something that we all already know about. Real heroes are born out of something unexpected.