College life is one of the most important times of our lives. Dating, internships, balancing assignments with social life truly taxing! But this also makes up for some juicy content.

Kdramas love to introduce college-based dramas. Ranging from the typical romantic triangles to the value-based plots. There is one for each one of you. So let us countdown some of The most popular college dramas to binge!

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Law School

Law school delves into the lives of Law college students. The pressure, the politics and corruption being just a part. Mock courtroom sessions being the centre of college life.

Any Law college student will be able to relate easily to this drama. Thanks to the uncanny similarity between the reality of the level of stress law students face being shown so well.

Unlike other fields, Law is competition from day 1. So of course, Law college means constant work. To add to that Law school has a murderer on loose with everyone being a suspect.

Being an honest lawyer or prosecutor in a corrupt & power-hungry system is honestly a struggle.

But thankfully they have some great and supportive professors. Along with students who are willing to change the existing attitude.

From being naive Freshers to smart lawyers who know how to get things done their way. A truly satisfying and enjoyable watch for anyone tired of the typical romantic college dramas.

Oh, and this show is not just about murders & criminals there is a hint of romance here too. Not too subtle nor too overwhelming just the perfect amount to leave you craving for more.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Double standards, lookism, toxic beauty, and the harsh truths about college life. My ID is Gangnam beauty look through college life in a critical light. Highlighting the toxic traits of college life while are hazardous in nature.

We follow Mi-Rae a student who due to being bullied for her looks throughout school gets plastic surgery. Now no longer ugly she wishes to enjoy college life like every other normal student. Only now there’s a bigger problem, she garners a lot of attention because of her looks.

This isn’t great because now there start speculations of plastic surgery and soon people’s double standards become visible. Everyone except a few genuine souls like Kyung-Seok start belittling her.

The drama shows her gain her self-confidence and reject the toxic society around her. Find peace in herself and people like Seok. To enjoy her life despite whatever people around her say.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Cute Romance, bubbly characters, and the right amount of humor. That makes WFKBJ a must-watch college drama. It’s unconventional, but humorous writing, making the plot very enjoyable.

The story takes place in a sports centre cum college for Korea’s top athletes. Bok Joo is a talented weightlifter while Joon-Hyung is a decorated swimmer. We follow their entertaining college life throughout the story.

From the gruelling physical training to the strict diets WFKBJ gives a peek into the life of sports college-goers perfectly. It almost makes you want to drop everything and head to a sports college.

Apart from seeing various sports, we get very cute romantic developments between Bok Joo & Jung and the side characters. Their college life seems fun, classy, less stressful and something one would want to try once in a lifetime!

Cheese In The Trap

Based on a popular Webtoon of the same name, this Kdrama is a class of its own. A typical college Kdrama has swoony leads, love triangles and stupid misunderstandings. Love Triangles exist here also but the 2 male characters who are involved are poles apart.

Yoo Jung, our male lead is the ideal guy on the exterior. Well mannered, kind, handsome and always smiling. But hides a sinister reality. Which is him being sadistic and manipulative.

Meanwhile, Seol is a nice but self-aware and observant girl. She was always sceptical of Jung and when she sees his real side decides to keep her distance. But faith had other plans a non-serious confession by Jung leads to the 2 getting involved.

If these two weren’t complicated enough, Baek In-ho joins the chaos. Though his relationship with Jung is terrible while it’s the opposite with Seol. Family status, fake friends & repressed emotions are explored in detail here.

Seol’s character is very relatable, especially how hard she tries to make everything work. Once the problems subside and the romance starts you are bound to enjoy this refreshing tale.

Those were the most loved college Kdramas for everyone to stream. They can be streamed on Netflix and Viki.

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