You Otakus must have wondered, how does it feel when a mere human fights a god? It’s exciting to watch two different species fight with holy powers. Today, in our new adventure of spoiler guy, we’ll discuss Manga that you must read if you liked Record of Ragnarok.

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie, popularly known as Record of Ragnarok, is a Japenese Manga that will soon get an anime adaptation. The story reveals that humanity’s fate depends upon the battle between gods and humans. 13 different gods are about to go for a face-off against 13 humans chosen from the human civilization. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of manga that you must read if you liked Record of Ragnarok.

Fairy Tail

With the protagonist and antagonist coming from the same family, the plot reveals different members of a magic guild known as Fairy Tail. Natsu Dragneel, the main protagonist, is a Fire Demon Slayer who holds the most powerful entity’s authority. Assumed to be left by his father, Igneel, Natsu joins the Fairy Tail guild befriending many people with time at a very young age. 

Natsu and his friends, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Happy, move on different missions to earn some money from time to time. The story then rotates towards the guild getting disbanded. Can the Fairy Tail guild reunite to retain their spot of number 1 guild? To know more about this series, you must read the Manga. You can also watch the anime of Fairy Tale on Netflix

One Piece

Written by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece features the story of a 17-year-old kid whose only dream was to become the Pirate King. Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of this series, considers himself worthy of becoming the “king of the pirates” shortly. But, the journey is going to be full of ups and downs.

One Piece Manga

You will also get to know about the legendary D family in the series. The “Will of D” is still considered a mystery in One Piece, but it certainly features a selected number of members who are a part of this family. The Family members carry a “D” in between their names and appear during the series in regular intervals of time. Furthermore, you can read the manga in Viz

My Hero Academia

It is a thrilling story of a young quirkless kid who dreamt of becoming the number one hero. Izuku Midoriya, a kid with no quirk, wanted to become a hero just like his idol, the All might. Let down by his peers many times, Midoriya was chosen as the successor of the quirk “One for All” by none other than the All might. 

The first few volumes sum up the beginning and initial training of Midoriya at the U.A High school. Can Izuku use “One for All” to its maximum potential? The answer to this lies in the Manga of the series. Also, the manga is officially available in Viz. Do give it a read to be a part of Izuku Midoriya’s journey!

Fate Series

Imagine watching the Greek god Hercules in action. Well, The fate series is going to give visualizations to your imaginations for sure. The plot revolves around seven mages who fight for the Holy Grail alongside seven servants.

Once chosen, the mages cannot back themselves from the battle between each other. The Holy Grail can grant one wish of the person who wins the final battle of the series. Read the Manga if you want to see epic battles between the servants of mages.

Dragon Ball Series

As a kid, we all were fans of the DBZ series that series broadcasted on television. But little did we know that the Manga will move too far enough, unleashing the true abilities of characters. Imagine Goku fighting the god of destruction of a different Universe and then learning the art of Ultra instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Date, Goku vs Granola To Happen Soon!
Dragon Ball Super, Goku vs. Granola

With Goku and Vegeta pushing their limits, a death battle tournament is organized to feature the most powerful warriors from different Universe.


These were some of the best picks from the list of top shonen Manga of all time. Watch fighters transforming themselves into the best and going through historical clashes.