There are hundreds of amazing Chinese Dramas available, yet some of them are unbelievably good. You cannot miss out on these. They would totally blow your minds off. If you’re looking for the names of Must Watch Chinese Dramas, you have come to the right place.

Romance is something that never fails to brighten our moods, whether we are gloomy or happy. It is like the cough syrup to a person’s cold. A lot of Chinese Dramas totally make you forget all your troubles and relax. It is like a journey to regain balance in your life.

Listed below are The best Chinese Dramas with a Strong Female Lead that you can’t really miss out on.

1. Unrequited Love

Maybe watching this clip would make you want to binge it in a day. This is a wonderful Chinese Drama and is very romantic and meaningful. The themes of love, friendship, struggle, jealousy, hard work, and others are perfectly blended in this show to delight the viewers.

The casting is marvelous. There is Zhu Yanmanzi ,Zhao Shunran and Shen Yu. It was released in 2019. It is about the one-sided love of a smart and pretty girl who has a crush on her childhood friend. The Chinese drama takes many turns along which we laugh, smile, and cry.

It is available on NETFLIX.

2. Love O2O

This Chinese Drama is about Bei Weiwei, the computer department goddess who excels in her studies. Her ambition is to become an online game developer. She gets dumped by her online husband, Zhenshui Wuxiang.  Yixiao Naihe approaches her. The newly formed couple totally hit it off. The real identity of her virtual husband was her college senior, Xiao Nai.

Xiao Nai is handsome and every girl’s dream boyfriend. The two fall in love after getting to know the real identity. This is the perfect Chinese Drama to watch with your squad on a Saturday with a bowl full of popcorn.

3. A Love So Beautiful

This is one of the most-watched Chinese Drama across the globe. A Love So Beautiful is definitely one of the Must Watch Chinese Dramas. The drama based on high school romance.

It revolves around friendship and family. A Love So Beautiful is basically about the life of Chen Xiao Xi. She is a high school student who has a major crush on Jiang Chen. He rejects her many times, yet she stays head over heels about him. With her amazing friends, she experiences different things, and during the process, she learns a lot as well.

4. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

This is one of the most viewed Chinese Dramas. It aired in 2019. The direction, storyline, and casting are extraordinary.

Si Tu Mo is a pretty woman who is unsure of her plans. She took up accountancy. Yet she is interested in advertising. Si Tu Mo likes Fu Pei, but there is no luck. Fu Pei tends to take Tu Mo for granted and hence, constantly lets her down.

Wei Yi is a smart physics student with a very high IQ. He accidentally took Tu Mo’s school bag and vice-versa. They started to get to know each other from that incident onwards. Their moms were classmates and thus tried to set them both up. One thing led to another, and before you know it, the two fall in love.

5. Memory Lost

Memory Loss is a detective love story starring Yang Rong and Bai Yu. There are 3 seasons and 36 episodes in all. The OSTs are great, and the direction is good. It has gained a significant international following.

It is basically about a highly intelligent police officer Bai Jingxi who works with her partner Han Chen to solve many difficult cases using her outstanding deductive reasoning.

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