At this point, Just like One Piece and Black Clover, My Hero Academia is one of the most popular ongoing manga on Weekly Shonen Jump. The spoilers for Chapter 289 of Boku no Hero Academia recently got out, and it seems fans are ready. In this post, we will be discussing My Hero Academia Chapter 289. So without any further ado; let us begin –

My Hero Academia Chapter 289 –

The spoilers are out for this chapter, and as per Twitter user Atsushi, Chapter 289 of My Hero Academia manga is titled, “Akesuke-chan and Shimattoku-chan.” The chapter starts with Ida and Nezire heading towards the Hospital. Ida shouldn’t have been here since he can’t fly, as per the orders of Pro Heroes.

However, Ida comes anyway since three of his classmates are there. At the hospital, Shoto managed to arrive on time and caught Midoriya falling from the air. Deku, Bakugo, and Endeavour somehow survive, but their condition is critical. Shoyo asks Ida to take them to the hospital, but Deku tries to resist to protect everyone.

On the other hand, Ochako and Toga share some time, where Toga tells Ochako of her quirk and feelings. Toga further mentions that they both like the same person, i.e., Izuku Midoriya. And then Tsuyu makes an appearance, and hence Toga retreats. Ochako was shaken to see Toga crying while retreating. The chapter ends with a message, “The War is Reaching the Finale.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 289 will release on 1 November 2020. You can read My Hero Academia manga on Viz.