Howdy guys, In this post we are going to discuss upcoming events of My Hero Academia Chapter 257. Besides this, this post will contain a lot of spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here. Before chapter 257, let’s put our focus on previous information and what fandom think about it-

As we all know that the release date of chapter 256 is been delayed due to the holiday. My Hero Academia chapter 256 is going to release on 6th January 2020. Due to chapter 255, fans want to see some more of the current arc. My Hero Academia Chapter 255 was released last week. And as expected, fans showed a mixed response. Although, I personally liked. And guess what? Now fans are eager to know what is going to happen in chapter 257? So, as we mentioned above that we are going to reveal some details regarding Chapter 257. So, let’s get going-

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My Hero Academia Chapter 257


Chapter 257 will reveal how much Students are grown and changed. At the end of the chapter, All Might will catch up with Midoriya and decided to reveal all the secrets of One For All Quirk. So, there is no doubt that All Might is seeing Midoriya against All For One. With all the secrets, Midoriya definitely has to train more in order to achieve full access to One For All Quirk.

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Release Date

According to our sources, My Hero Academia Chapter 257 is going to release on 13th January 2020. Furthermore, the official of spoilers of Chapter 257 are expected to be released on 9th January.