Howdy Guys, In this post, we are going to be talking about Boku No hero Academia Chapter 298. However, we make sure to put every possible detail regarding the official release date, spoilers and read My Hero Academia Chapter 298 legally?

After Shigaraki’s Sudden Appearance and escape from “Tartarus” in Chapter 297 of My Hero Academia. Fans are excited about what is going to happen in Chapter 298 of Boku no Hero Academia. We are going to discuss in detail everything that is going to happen in the next chapter.

MHA Ch 298 will have answered many questions we didn’t know about in the last chapter. The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is almost coming to an end. The chapter’s hype is high, and there will surely be many epic fights in the upcoming chapters. But for now, we will be sure to discuss the official release date and where to read Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 298 legally.

My Hero Academia Chapter 298

Chapter 298 of Boku no Hero Academia will be titled “Crumbling Sound.” All for one has escaped and is ready to cause mayhem again. Toshinori has finished his research about All for one and probably has also come up with a plan on defeating him.

After the apparent end of Endeavor’s Hero Career, there is potential for him to come back and take control of this situation. He is still the Number 1 Hero in My hero Academia. Shigaraki will get his mentor back so that he might get serious powerups too. Read more to get to know more about the latest chapter and when it is going to release.

What is the release date of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 298?

Unlike the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, which was delay due to specific reasons. There won’t be a delay in the My Hero Academia Chapter 298. The Latest Chapter of My Hero Academia is right on schedule. So, it means that Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 298 will come out on 24th January 2021. 

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 298 Spoilers And Raw Scans

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 298 Spoilers And Raw Scans

As per the details- The Spoiler for My Hero Academia Chapter 298 are yet to be released. Usually, it takes 2-3 days to release the spoilers before the release date of the upcoming chapter. Besides this, spoilers are basically the raw scans that get leaked online and translated by internet junkies. We will make sure to update this article if and when we receive proper spoilers of BNHA 298. We can expect the raw scans to release by or around 23 January 2020.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 298 Spoilers Revealed!!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 298

Shigaraki and One For All Reunite and One for all continue to make Shigaraki the perfect villain. And he also says that once Shigarki is excellent, they will be able to fulfill their desires.

After two days, Bakugo wakes up in the hospital, and his classmates are happy to see he is ok. However, only Bakugo is the least injured; the rest of the heroes are very severely damaged and will take a lot of time to heal. Todoroki is worried about Dabi and his father’s relations. His older siblings visit Todoroki.

However, Unlike other heroes, Midoriya hasn’t woken up. All might is worried about him. The chapter ends there, and we will get to know more in the next chapter of My Hero Academia.

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Where to read BNHA Chapter 298?

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 is available to read on Viz or Mangaplus. My Hero Academia is a weekly shonen manga. Therefore, new chapters will release every week.

But do make sure to stay updated with Spoilerguy as there might be slight delays in the release dates for various reasons.

Well, guys, that is all for today’s blog on Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Release Date Delay. Where To Read BNMHA Chapter 298?.