From the very beginning, My Hero Academia has served the fans with high-spirited characters like Midoriya. The journey of Deku has been very inspiring, his character comes a long way. From having no quirks to later getting a quirk of his own. The manga has come a long way since its release in 2014. In the recent chapters and the search for All for one and Shigaraki continues. As the article proceeds you will found everything you need to know of My Hero Academia Chapter 312.

My Hero Academia Chapter 312

In the recent chapters, Midorya is blessed with delusional powers which even Almighty couldn’t achieve. But people still do not trust him to save everyone and consider his power to be ridiculous. Currently, the entire city is in chaos although Endeveous is doing his best to save the city. But the people have still not forgotten about his wrongdoings. Also, the reason behind jailbreak.

Deku hasn’t appeared much in the scene after he left for UA. Even his location has vanished from the GPS. The civilians have come out in the streets to protest against Endeavor and accuse him of letting Shigaraki and his people escape. While everyone tries to find out Shigaraki’s intentions. But there are no leads to track down Deku.

My Hero Academia Release Date

As of the latest update, My Hero Academia chapter 312 will release on 16th May 2021. The blog will be updated in case there are any delays or changes.

Where to read MHA Chapter 312?

My Hero Academia chapter 312 will be officially available to read on Viz Media and Crunchyroll. Both websites require a subscription to read the chapters. But you can read the latest three chapters for free.

Also as of now, there are no raw scans or spoilers available. The blog will be updated from time to time. Till then you can also read: Black Clover Chapter 293- Magna Determined to Fight till the End!