My Hero Academia Heroes Rising – One of the most awaited Anime Films this year. My Hero Academia Heroes Rising will be released in Japan this winter. After the huge success of the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes the fans all around the globe are really excited for  My Hero Academia Heroes Rising. Like the previous movie, this movie also seems to be focused on Class 1A of U.A  Highschool. But watching the trailer we are assuming our beloved hero – All Might does not have a major role. This movie will be more focused on Midoriya and Bakugou, which makes sense if we keep in mind the name of the movie.

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Heroes Rising: 2 New Promotional Videos

This Sunday. The official Twitter Account for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising put on two new Promotional Videos. Moreover, These countdown promotional videos created hype among the fans. The first video is shown on our heroes of Class 1-A in action. Iida, Deku, Kirishima, Bakugo, and others can be seen fighting the villains. Moreover, it looks like our heroes are trying to protect two kids. But it seems the villains wish to have their hands on these kids. More like the current arc(Overhaul) of My Hero Academia.

The second video seems to be more focused on Villains. Moreover, they have shown villains very powerful. In many scenes, we can see heroes got their butt kicked. And it also seems like All Might doesn’t have any major role in the movie. In a few scenes, we can see Hawk too. This movie will be his first appearance in the Anime Series.

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Bones is Animating the movie so we know animation will be awesome. The movie will open on 20th December in Japan.

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