My Hero Academia Heroes Rising – One of the most awaited Anime Films this year. My Hero Academia Heroes Rising will be released in Japan this winter. After the huge success of the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes the fans all around the globe are really excited for  My Hero Academia Heroes Rising. Like the previous movie, this movie also seems to be focused on Class 1A of U.A  Highschool. But watching the trailer we are assuming our beloved hero – All Might does not have a major role. This movie will be more focused on Midoriya and Bakugou, which makes sense if we keep in mind the name of the movie.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

Recently, it was updated that the pro hero Hawks will appear in the film. Hawks was introduced later in the manga. Meaning, Heroes Rising will give the fans first look at Hawks’ anime look. Hawks is not the only new character getting introduced in the film.  New Villains will also make their debut in the film.  All these new Villains – Nine, Slice, Werewolf guy and Ninja are created and designed by Horikoshi. The ultimate Villain Nine got a small cameo in the manga. Arguably Nine is being considered the greatest villain so far in My hero Academia Universe.

The release date of My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is December 20th in Japan. However, there is currently no word on its release of the movie in other countries. The film seems to be a complete package of action and story. We will watch  Deku, Bakugo,, Todoroki, Ochaco, Kirishima and all the other members of Class A in action. A sad thing about this movie is – we won’t see our favourite All Might working as the Symbol of Peace. But this may become an opportunity for Deku to become the new symbol of peace.

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