Navillera brings up a very omnipotent theme of “What will the people say?”. One of the biggest barriers to anyone investing in their own passion is what others will say or think. We are constantly worried about the judgment we may have to face and give up without a try. This article has everything you have to know about Navillera Episode 5. Therefore Stay tuned till the end.

Navillera episodes 3 & 4 bring up these same issues as a young talent, and an old persistent man decides to root for their dreams despite numerous issues. We see these 2 face issues from their own toxic environments but continue to persevere.


Navillera Episode 5 should bring the focus on matters on family and support. As to how important it is to have some constant support that is there to guide you and boost your morale.

Navillera is handling such sensitive issues with ease, and it only increases the anticipation of the release of episode 5.

Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Episode 3 started with Deok-Chul defending and standing for Cheok. He is the father figure that Cheok needed, and it is obvious his presence has a good effect on Cheok. However, his coach is not pleased.

The coach had wished to use the older man to change Cheok’s attitude but seems unhappy with the result. The romance quotient in the show is mostly non-existent, but there are signs of a budding development between Cheok & Eun.

While Cheok looks after Eun in the part-time job, Deok does the same in the ballet studio. From making sure that he’s in top shape to cleaning his house. It is clear he is serious about his job as a manager and genuinely wishes for the best for Cheok.

The time ticking bomb that was Deok’s family finding out about him doing ballet finally explodes. It is a huge shock to the family, and while one son sees no issue with it, the rest are clearly disgusted.

His wife is annoyed that she berated him for doing ballet and even cuts his ballet clothes. Deok is unhappy but finds no way out till he chats with Cheok, who has decided to join the upcoming competitions.

For the first time, roles are reversed, and Cheok encourages Deok to continue and not give up on his dream. On his advice, Deok sends a picture of him doing ballet to his family.

Deok’s ultra toxic family decides to have a family meeting, and with that, episode 4 starts. As usual, some openly hate his decision while a few support him. His wife seemingly being the one most horrified with it.

The duo starts to gear up for the upcoming competition. Deok insisting on getting a personal doctor, and Cheok quitting his part-time to focus on the competition at hand. But as soon as you make the mistake of thinking all’s well, bad news shows up.

One of Deok’s sons makes his way to the studio and asks them to kick his father out, which of course, does not happen. He also gets a drink spilled on him courtesy of Cheok. While later on, Deok introduces his other son to Cheok, who genuinely supports his dad’s dream.

The family drama continues with Deok’s wife asking him not to become a burden. While Mr rude son snaps at his dad and says, he’s suffered while his dad lived comfortably. Thankfully the mother arrives and not only does she fix her son but later allows Deok to continue ballet.

By the end of episode 4, Eun & Cheok finally learned that they were both talking about Deok only. Who is glad to know they are friends. Though the very next day, we see the duo walk in to see Eun being fired.

Expectations From Navillera Episode 5

Navillera episode 15 should show us the grit and determination Deok and Cheok are ready to put for their dreams. First of all, we will probably get the situation with Eun solved. This could also lead to a blossoming romance between her and Cheok.

It can be expected from Navillera episode 5 to show us some growth in Deok’s ballet skills. Granted, he is a 70-year-old man, and ballet depends a lot on flexibility, but perseverance has its own rewards.

Navillera Episode 5

Also, Cheok is really focused, so we can expect some quality ballet sequences coming up. Till now, we have only been told about Cheok’s dysfunctional family, so we may finally get some depth into his family problems in Navillera episode 5.

Continuing the heartwarming plot, Navillera episode 5 is expected to show us the similarities the two have despite the generational gap. Both do not wish to have any regrets and will give it all up for the love of ballet.

Navillera episode 5 will be the cementation of their newfound bond and the start of a new journey as a manager and competitive ballet student. Let us hope for the best for both of them.

Navillera Episode 5 Release Date

Navillera episode 15 will air on Netflix on 5th April 2021. So grab your tissues and hop on this emotional ride.

Where To Stream

Navillera can be streamed on Netflix. It airs every Monday & Tuesday.

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