Netflix Streams Mirai Anime Film in the U.S. The number of Anime Series and Anime Films on Netflix is increasing day by day. And Now another name is added to this list – Mirai. Better known as Mirai no Mirai ( Mirai of the future) in Japan.

On Monday, Netflix Streams Mirai Anime Film in the U.S. The film is available with both English Dub and subtitles.

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Mirai Anime Film Box office collection

When it comes to the box office collection- the film is super hit. Released in Japan in July 2018 the film earned a grossed a total of $23,683,483 in Japan. Moreover, In the United States, Mirai earned a total of $812,794. And Globally, the film earned $28,185,289 worldwide.

Mirai Anime Film Official Trailer

Mirai Anime Film Achievements

  • The Animation of the Year award at the 42nd annual Japan Academy Prizes.
  • Best Animated Independent Feature category for the 46th Annual Annie Awards.
  •  AniMovie award for best-animated feature film at the International Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film in Germany.
  • Best Animated Film Award at Best Animated Florida Film Critics Circle Awards.

Mirai Anime Film Voice Cast

  • Kun Ota – Voiced by Moka Kamishiraishi (Japanese)Jaden Waldman (English)
  • Mirai Ota – Voiced by Haru Kuroki; Kaede Hondo (baby) (Japanese); Victoria Grace (English); Kari Wahlgren (English, baby)
  • The father – Voiced by Gen Hoshino (Japanese); John Cho (English)
  • The mother – Voiced by Kumiko Aso (Japanese); Rebecca Hall (English)
  • Mysterious man – Voiced by Mitsuo Yoshihara (Japanese); Crispin Freeman (English)
  • The grandmother – Voiced by Yoshiko Miyazaki (Japanese); Eileen T’Kaye (English)
  • The grandfather – Voiced by Koji Yakusho(Japanese); Victor Brandt (English)
  • The great-grandfather Voiced by Masaharu Fukuyama (Japanese); Daniel Dae Kim (English)

Mirai Anime Film

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