Just a few weeks ago – every pokemon lover celebrated Ash’s victory.  It took 20 years for Ash to finally win a Pokémon league. On 15th September the episode “The Rise of Alola’s Champion” aired of “Pokémon Series: Sun and Moon,” in which Ash finally wins the championship of the Alola League. This historic event is marked as his first official Pokémon League tournament victory.

Pokemon Series with Two Main Characters

(Not counting his victory in the Orange Islands League.)

Today – 29th September the first trailer of upcoming pokemon series came out.  The trailer features our hero Ash  Ketchum, but he was accompanied by a brown boy with blue eyes. The boy is named Gou who will be a true co-lead in this new series.


In this series, Ash will continue travelling the globe to fulfil his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. But this time he will be joined by a boy named Gou. The new character will team up with Scorbunny. We hope Gou and Scorbunny team become as iconic as Ash and Pikachu. Just like Ash, Gou also has a dream to capture all of the Pokemon including the legendary Pokemon Mew.  So far, it seems The Pokemon Company has shown both of these characters as the protagonist in their own way rather than just giving Gou to a sidekick role.

It will be very interesting to see this long-running anime bringing up another main character who is equally determined for his dreams. Also, it will be quite interesting to see how well the fans react to this huge change in the Pokemon universe.

Will Ash become the best master of Pokemon Series?

Will Gou capture all Mew?

Or Does Pikachu marry Scorbunny?

We will find out soon!


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